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For those who are ready, this is an open door leading wherever you want it to go.

For those who are diligent, you will never see the world the same again, therefore enter with awareness and an open heart.

Working with Della & Orlando is like nothing else you have experienced, and has the potential to change your life forever.

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Questions Along the Way
by Della Van Hise

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"What I learned from Della changed my life. I had been trapped in belief systems and programs since I was a little girl.  Learning to see past those illusions taught me to see myself more clearly & gave me the confidence & personal power I had always been lacking before."
(Lacy Bannister)


"The workshop on stopping the internal dialogue shocked me! All my life I'd felt like I couldn't get the noise out of my head.  After doing the exercises in the workshop, my focus is tremendous and I have been getting a lot closer to my own higher awareness as a result.  Thank you!"
(A. L. Mancuso)


"Before I met Della, I used to think my psychic gifts were evil or from the dark side, and so I was trying to deny that part of myself so much that I often thought I was going crazy.  But Della helped me to see that these abilities are truly a blessing, a natural and wonderful part of my own spiritual evolution." 
(Bill Hawthorne)


"I'm so jazzed about being turned on to the Toltec teachings! It's like being awake for the first time! Being with Della & Orlando and having my energy shifted was like coming from the dark into the light. Incredible!"
(Erin Atkinson)


"What Della & Orlando taught me about Dreaming, and becoming Whole is indescribable, and truly priceless.  I'm convinced it saved my sanity.  I wish I had done this 5 years sooner!"
(Bill Gonzalez)

If you would like to see some of the work I have done with others,  please go to
Sample Consultations

Apprentice to the Infinite
When you Apprentice to the Infinite, you are not an apprentice to me, but to yourself.  This is the path of heart, where the warrior accepts responsibility for his or her own evolution into the Infinite.

Shifting the Assemblage Point, Healing the Spirit
Experience an energy shift to heal mind/body/spirit.  A profoundly unique service to help you manifest renewed Wellness through a realignment of the assemblage point. Lose addictions, overcome fear, experience Silent Knowing. All healing begins with mind/spirit.

Quantum Shaman Workshops
A series of evolutionary workshops designed for the solitary warrior. Work at your own pace in your own space. *Creating the Double * Stopping the Internal Dialogue * Dreaming with Intent * The Art of Gnosis *

Diary of a Nagual Woman
by Della Van Hise - site author of Quantum  Read my book!  Signed first edition now available.

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A Journey
Into the Infinite

The original website ~ chronicles of an incredible journey through the rabbit hole of perception & awareness


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With Your Higher Self

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Healing the Spirit
Quantum Shaman:
Diary of a Nagual Woman

Book 1 in the Quantum Shaman Series
Scrawls on the Walls of the Soul
Book 2 in the Quantum Shaman Series
Questions Along the Way
Book 3 in the Quantum Shaman Series
The New Book by Site Author
Della Van Hise
Into the Infinite
(A Love Affair With the Unknown)
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"What is the Infinite?" I asked, trembling despite the warm desert evening.

"Simply this," Orlando replied, and gestured toward snow-capped mountains dappled in moonglow and cloud-shadow. "The Infinite is the magnificent mystery that is Life itself."

When you Apprentice to the Infinite, you are not becoming an apprentice to me, but to yourself - to the part of you that is Infinite and Eternal, and to the Knowledge which is all around us, but which we cannot easily use until we learn to *see*.  There is little I can teach you that you do not already Know, but I can bring you into contact with the tools for creating and manifesting your relationship to your own higher self - what shamans call "the eternal Other".

What we Know is too often hidden from us by the roles we play in our ordinary life - obscured by the programs and belief systems with which we have all been inundated since before we were born.  It is through the unraveling of those programs that we reveal the personal power and the incredible abilities which are in the palm of our hand - the power to create reality in such a way as to begin living our highest potential in the Now, while simultaneously nurturing the energy body which serves as the vessel of our awareness beyond this life.

We create our own life through the application of Intent and Will.
These are just some of the tools I can reveal to you.

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The world is nothing like we have been taught to believe - but until we learn to see that, we cannot believe it.  And once we do see it, we cannot believe we have never seen it before.

Falling in love with the "Other"

   It is in the process of stripping away our false selves and human-form masks that we uncover the mysterious connection between the mortal self and the eternal Other - the shaman's double who is both teacher and guide, muse and music, mentor and inventor, creator and created.

   The Other (or double) is the self in eternity - but like a child learning to walk, the double is not Whole unless nurtured through the conscious Intent of the mortal self.  That is the Work of the warrior-seeker in the Now. 

   "Love is the reason," my own double, Orlando, has said many times.  The warrior who is successful on this path of the heart will fall in love with his or her double as surely as Life itself is a magnificent mystery, and it is through that awe-inspiring journey that the seeker comes to realize she has fallen in love with herself as an eternal being.

   To love oneself unconditionally is to create eternal life - the cohesion and continuity of Spirit into Infinity, melded together by the energetic force known to humans as, simply, Unconditional Love.  This is the marriage between the quantum universe and the shamanic spirit inside all of us.

   To discover the Other as the eternal aspect of oneself is what mystics have hinted at for centuries with the words, "becoming whole" or "embracing the totality of oneself."

   This is only part of what we can explore together - an exploration that has the potential to awaken the seeker to worlds of wonder, mystery, imagination and unimaginable self-empowerment on all levels.


Becoming An Apprentice

In most cases, apprenticeships are conducted via email - providing the apprentice with an opportunity to ask direct questions, receive individual instruction, and interact directly with a Nagual woman.  While Della occasionally conducts in-person seminars, the very best way to avail yourself of her Knowledge is through an apprenticeship.

 To find out if you might be a good candidate for a one-on-one apprenticeship, contact us.


Please note:  In order to provide greater attention to those with whom I have already made a commitment, I am unable to take new apprentices at this time. If you would like to work with me through a one-time private consultation, please visit the link directly below. 

Personal Counseling Services
Share in the Knowledge
of a Visionary Seer

E-mail consultation - $95.

Work directly with Della to develop your own abilities & refine the course of your unique journey. A priceless service enabling you to begin examining & stripping away the programs that keep you from embracing your full potential.  Seekers should ask hard questions, and should be prepared for direct, honest answers from a gifted visionary seer whose talent goes beyond mere psychic awareness and delves into the realm of those who perceive universal truth as well as the ability to assist you in applying those truths to YOUR personal path.  What do you want to know?  Where do you want to go?  Who are you?

Sample Consultations

Quantum Shaman's Blog

Individual Online Workshops

A series of unique workshops designed for the solitary practitioner.  Work in your own space at your own pace. 

A New Quantum Shaman Workshop!

For additional information about the workshop specifics,
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Email or Snail Mail?

Email or Snail Mail?

Email or Snail Mail?

Quantum Shaman's Blog


"What is Quantum Shamanism?
Simply this... through an understanding of quantum energy,
we empower ourselves to awaken our shamanic abilities."
- Orlando, 2006

Shifting the Assemblage Point:
Healing the Spirit

A shift of the assemblage point enables you to experience real results in spiritual healing.  Since all dis-ease begins in the mind/Spirit, so does all genuine healing.
For an indepth look at this service,
please go to:


Payment & Scheduling

Payment for all services is to be provided in advance, and is non-refundable.  In the case of consultations lost in transit (with regard to email or US Mail), a duplicate copy will be provided.  Payment forms accepted through our offices are Visa, MasterCard and Discover, or you may pay through PayPal online.

 Email for details.




Services & Workshops

Quantum Shaman Workshops
Work at your own pace in your own space. Evolutionary workshops for the solitary warrior!

~Creating the Double ~ Stopping the Internal Dialogue ~ Dreaming with Intent ~ The Art of Gnosis (Silent Knowing) ~ Undoing our Programs


Shifting the Assemblage Point, Healing the Spirit
All wellness begins with how we assemble our world.

 Lose addictions, overcome fear, experience Silent Knowing, abolish dis-ease.


The Infinite Journey
Where the Quantum Shaman Falls
Into the Rabbit Hole







Personal Workshops
Work at your own pace
in your own space


Exploring the Infinite
Quantum Shaman's Blog

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Just Released!
Questions Along the Way
by Della Van Hise
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