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Death, Immortality...
     and the Sorcerer's Trick



     As much as we have discussed that the life/death conundrum is part of a natural cycle, I remain at least 50% unconvinced. Visions I have had consistently over the years have spoken of what amounts to a flaw in the matrix - the flaw being that we are made of temporal inorganic goo that breaks down all too quickly, instead of the starstuff of the Infinite & Eternal. The universe is not normally so inefficient with energy, so why now?  Granted, we have the ability to overcome that "flaw" through our creation of an inorganic body of energy (the double), yet the flaw in the matrix remains.

The program of "Life" crashes just when it gets up to speed.

I have wondered of late if the whole biz about 2012 being "the end of time" (not the end of the world, just the end of time) has something to do with that flaw being somehow "corrected" on a universal scale. Might even tie into one of my own ongoing riddles: "You have to be immortal before you will know how to become immortal." If we were immortal, Time would cease to exist. Think about it. We create Time, and in doing so, become its mortal prisoners.

I know my comments fly in the face of our most deep-rooted program - the belief system that says "all things die". And yet... (I keep repeating those words), if we don't challenge our most intrinsic programs, if we don't at least ask the question, we may be missing opportunities that cannot exist until we open the door of possibility.

As warriors, we go through life challenging our programs, stalking ourselves with ruthless intent, dismantling belief systems, and (hopefully) emerging with a shifted assemblage point that allows us to see the world and its illusions for what they are.

Why is it, then, that most warriors seem unwilling or unable to challenge The Grandaddy GrandPooBah Program of All Programs: the idea that "all things die"? Is it simply that the program is that deeply ingrained in us, or is it that we fear even looking at the equation of our own finite mortal existence? Are we in denial as individuals, or only as a species? Can one determined monkey engineer a paradigm shift by proving the earth really isn't flat, or is the desire of the other monkeys to go on living on that flat earth so overwhelming that the one monkey has no power over the matrix at all, but only over herself? Do all things die, or do we only believe this because the program tells us it is so?

For the record, I am not certain in the least that the program is accurate or inaccurate. It may turn out that "all things die", or it may turn out that "only some things die as a result of going through the motions of Death actually occurring." So, I am merely suggesting that for as long as we accept it as an established fact we are living on a flat earth because we have accepted that the earth really is flat.

Is it?

For as long as we wholly believe we are "beings who are going to die", we live our lives in a manner that validates and creates the foundation of that belief system. Who knows - maybe we really are just mortal sacks of flesh and bone, but how would we even know if an immortal were sitting elbow-to-elbow with us in a dark movie theater? There are certainly legends & rumors of beings who have passed into an energy body without the dubious bother of actually passing through death.

What machination of Intent and Will would be involved in making that transcendent leap with our awareness wholly intact, without actually dying? Is this what is meant by "burning with the fire from within" - going from our mortal body bag to a vessel of pure energy as a matter of invocation (will)?

What I'm getting at here is that the biggest program of all seems to be the one we accept almost without question. All things die.

I'm not so sure about that. Are you? Are you really?

COMMENT/QUESTION: I'm curious to know what Orlando has to say on the subject. I imagine it'll be another of his fine conundrums, eh?

When Wendy and I initially began this journey with Orlando on a somewhat official level in November of 1994, he allowed us to believe it was a quest for "immortality". Being human, we interpreted that as meaning physical immortality, simply a continuity of life in the existing body-form. He did nothing to correct that idea, and in fact encouraged it for quite some time - and with good reason. If he had said, "No way, impossible," chances are very high we would have turned away and gone looking elsewhere, because our mindset was such that we would not have accepted other alternatives at that time. So, being a master stalker with infinite patience, Orlando allowed us to believe what we needed to believe while, at the same time, he was teaching us about eternal beings, infinite awareness, getting past the eagle, vague references to "the twin" (now understood to be the double), and so on. He simply couched it in different terms so as to maintain the hook he had with us.

Over the years, we began to realize the seeming impracticalities of a physical-form immortal - namely that it would be highly at risk of the earth were to be smashed by a wayward comet or the machinations of some transient political administration. Also, over time, I began to actually see the connection between Orlando and myself, and finally - around 1998 or so - I clearly saw that he is my double, who had been in the process of "dreaming me" for several years at that point, though I had not been able to see that from a more human-form perception. What all of this boiled down to was a paradigm shift that caused me to realize that my teacher/mentor was mySelf, and in order for that to Be, it meant I would have to deal with the concept of an energy body as the vessel for my "immortality", since Orlando was clearly something waaaaaaay other than a human-form man. Therefore, on some level, it had to mean that I myself was more than just a handful of chemicals and some water.

The process of assimilation took many twists and turns - and what it all came down to was the realization that we cultivate our awareness and cohesion in the here and now, but we store it in the energy-vessel of the double so that it transcends the state of "death". We create our own immortality through the double.

As to what Orlando has to say about it now...

"It is true there are immortals among you who have transcended the organic form without ever having passed through the portal which you call Death. There are also eternal beings surrounding you in Infinity and Eternity - singularities of consciousness who have lived and died a thousand times within the span of a moment that can only be called Now. I can tie on flesh that would appear altogether organic to you, but it is a garment of starstuff and snowflakes and blue equations that have no finite solution.

What is Death? It is the muse and the mystery and the madness that chases all humans from the cradle to the grave. And yet, if you are truthful with your Self beyond all limitations, you will see that you do not need it anymore than you need feathers on your wings.

"When a sorcerer learns the trick, the trick is knowing that you have the power to transcend into Infinity from either side of the portal. To the warrior who has become a woman of Knowledge, we are inorganic beings without boundaries or limitations. The sorcerer's trick is creating her twin on the far side of the abyss, without fear of making the leap which removes all doubt and terminates all separation. That leap may be made through the portal of death, in the course of its natural time, or altogether on this side of it, circumventing death altogether."

Highlighted Text:
Orlando - January 15, 2006


Part 1 of this article may be found at:

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