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Mirage in Mexico



        The following is an entry from my personal journal, mostly self-explanatory,  a reaction to first hearing of the death of Carlos Castaneda.   Just how deeply are we trapped by the programs of the world - the automatic programs with which we are saddled simply by virtue of being human?  And what would be our destiny if we, as individuals, as quantum shamans, could seize that tiller of creation and set sail for the seventh dimension?  Clearly that was the Intent of don Juan and his party.  Live without death.  World without end.



6-21-98 – Summer Solstice

                “Reality is a progressive belief.”

                The words above come to me as I am trying to fall asleep Friday nyght.  We had just learned of the alleged death of Carlos Castaneda, though just as his life was/is a mystery, so is his reputed “death”.  It happened on April 27 at his home in LA, yet was only officially announced yesterday.  According to the LA TIMES, the body was cremated immediately & the ashes taken to Mexico.  No funeral, no body.  Just the word of the doctor & his agent.  Did he really die at all, or has he merely broken ties with this world completely in order to be utterly free of consensual constraints?  We don’t realize how bound we are to this society just by virtue of being alive, being human.  We are “expected” to behave in certain ways because we are human, & so we do.  If we live, we are expected (by all the rest of the world) to age, to become sick & weak & finally die – and so we do.  Merely by virtue of being alive we are already condemned to death by the belief system of the entire world – a belief system that has nothing to do with religion or culture, but the belief system which is the foundation of Man himself. If one person knows you are alive, you are then bound to this belief system through all 6 billion people on earth – i.e., you do not need to be seen as “Della” or “Carlos”, but only as human to be trapped & condemned by that belief system.

                So difficult to explain, yet I see this as a higher truth that can’t be ignored if we really do intend to evolve beyond the social hive, beyond “human”, beyond death.

                If I see a man on the street, a stranger – I automatically make certain assumptions – assumptions that do not even require conscious thought, that are literally a part of the foundational belief system of the entire human race.  For example, I automatically assume that the man is like me – i.e., that he is human, going thru a life that is “normal” to him.  I assume he was once a baby, then a boy, then a man – and all of these assumptions lead to the belief that he is a creature living inside of time – he was born, he grew up, he will grow old, & he will one day die.  Without knowing anything at all about this stranger, I know his entire history, his entire future.  And just as I believe these things about this man, so does everyone else who sees him. Indeed, the man believes these things about himself, and even accepts the beliefs as irrefutably valid, so no attempt can be made to even try to refute what is seen, known & accepted as irrefutable.  This stranger on the street is a victim of all of mankind’s belief system just by virtue of being human & recognized as such by me when I see him passing by me on the street.

                Perhaps the only way to be truly free of such belief systems is to be already dead – or at least to be perceived by your fellow man as already dead.  If I see a man on the street who looks like Carlos, but it has already been “irrefutably written” that Carlos is dead, then I automatically assume that the man is not Carlos, but a different man who might look like him.  I “condemn” that man, perhaps, but at the same instant, I “free” Carlos, allowing him to be “dead”, & therefore automatically consigned to those realms of thought & speculations which exist beyond human consciousness.  IOW, I “trap” the stranger on the street in the web of consensual beliefs, but at the same exact moment, I say to myself, “It’s not Carlos, for he is already dead, and I hope there is an afterlife for him.  I hope there is an eternal quest he has embarked upon.  I hope he made it past the eagle.”  In short, because I do not know what happens to a man after death, I cannot “trap” him into any consensual belief system.  Only after the man is perceived as “already dead” do we stop making automatic assumptions as to his past, present & future.

                If there is truly a collective unconscious”, as Jung & others have speculated, it isn’t even necessary that  everyone in the world know “Carlos is dead” in order for him to be “free”.  If the collective unconscious exists, then all is needed is that one person knows/accepts it.  The rest of humankind receives the news on the “net” of the collective unconscious.  So if a man is seen walking down a street in Brisbane or Budapest or Zimbabwe, even the people who have never heard of Carlos will automatically assume that the man is not Carlos, for the “net” of collective human awareness has already informed them that “Carlos is dead”.  They might have the usual “assumptions” about the stranger on the road, but if that stranger is really a master shaman who has deliberately placed “false data” into the collective unconsciousness – i.e., he has created his own death as a means to free himself of the trap of automatic human belief systems – does he then, as a result, exist beyond or above or outside of the limitations and condemnations of that very belief system?  IOW, if the computer is programmed to accept as fact that the man who programmed it is dead, it would not “recognize” the programmer if he tried to get back into the system.  His “password” would have been “automatically deleted”, & no amount of “proof” to the contrary would mean anything at all to the computer in the face of its “irrefutable knowledge” that the programmer is already dead.

                In that same way, if the collective unconscious is “programmed” to accept that a man is dead, but the data itself is “false”, perhaps a new continuum is created whereby the man can exist in a separate reality – a reality of his own creation.  IOW, by programming the computer to “see” you as dead, do you create a “dual” universe in which are you both dead and alive? By being “dead”, you are freed from the expectations & the belief systems of Man, so you exist then outside of the consensual continuum.

                The stranger on the street can’t be Carlos, so Carlos himself is free.  He has, in effect, slipped past the eagle by convincing the eagle it has already devoured him, & since it can’t consume the same piece of bread twice, the man – this stranger on the street – has effectively created his own ultimate freedom, perhaps even his own immortality, or at the very least a less hostile environment in which to pursue it.  If the eagle believes the man is dead, it no longer hunts him in the form of death, so while we might make the same automatic assumptions about the man on the street – that man, if he is a master shaman – has actually manipulated/programmed us to make those assumptions so that he himself is both “dead” and alive.  He walks thru the CR, but is actually in control of his own destiny in a way most humans can’t even imagine.

                “Reality itself is a progressive belief”, the voice said to me.  What we believe today is a result of what we learned yesterday.  The trick seems to be being the one – the master shaman – who programs belief (and therefore creates reality) instead of only the one blindly accepting & following it.

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