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Also, your questions can be about anything of concern to you -- from romantic concerns to health issues to coping with difficult life situations of any type.  We can talk about the here and now or the hereafter or the bridge between the two. The choice is always yours.


All samples represent real consultations, and are posted here
with the permission of the individuals for whom they were originally prepared.


Sample #1 is approximately 1500 words, which tends to be an average length of our consultations.  Many are longer.  Our primary goal is giving you the information you need, and we offer these numbers as guidelines only, our guarantee that you will always get more than our minimum.  Our own impeccability demands it.

Sample One

INQUIRY:  ...I can't seem to get a handle on life in general.  My two adult children aren't speaking to me because their father (we're divorced 11 years now) has told them lies about me.  It breaks my heart, not hearing from them, not having them home for Christmas and birthdays. They won't return my calls, and so it feels like a big part of me has died inside.  In addition, I've been working in the same office doing the same job for over 15 years, without ever getting a real promotion.  People around me seem to move up quickly, but I'm always passed over.  Whenever I've tried to talk to my supervisors about it, they just brush me aside, and the insinuation is that if I make waves I could lose my job entirely.  Until recently, I belonged to a church here in <snip>, but even though the people were supportive and friendly, I never felt any real spiritual connection, and God never seemed to answer my prayers.  So when I came across your website and started reading about self-realization, self-empowerment, and an evolution of consciousness, it was the only thing that's ever really made sense to me.

QUANTUM SHAMAN:  Thanks for writing to us. Your letter is like many we receive, and I do think I can offer some insights that might be of help, so long as you are willing to implement these things into actual "doings" that will result in change.  Remember:  evolution is never a matter of changing the external world, but changing the things inside yourself that keep you from moving forward and embracing your own highest potential.  Please understand, these are not just words.  You will need to meditate on what I am going to tell you and decide whether or not you can actually commit to doing the things that will bring about the changes you seek.

First, regarding your adult children not speaking to you and your reaction to this wherein you state, " feels like a big part of me has died inside."  Never forget that even though you may feel deep love for others, it is not possible nor desirable to control their actions and their decisions.  Through meditative gnosis into your personal situation, I see that you have entwined much of your own identity into your children. If asked who you are, you might automatically respond, "I'm a mother and a career woman."  In other words, you identify yourself first through others, and secondly through what you do, neither of which addresses who you are apart from that. This is a natural process, particularly when children are younger, but as they mature into adults and begin their own separate lives, it is imperative for your own well-being - particularly in the situation you described with your ex-husband - that you have an unshakable sense of your own identity apart from your children. This has nothing to do with how much you love them, but with how much you love and respect yourself.

The fact that they are "breaking your heart" is a natural human reaction to what must seem to you like rejection, but if it continues indefinitely, then the love you feel for them has become destructive. You can't and wouldn't want to stop loving them, but you can learn to choose how you will respond to the situation.  Remember:  you can only change yourself and your own reactions to the world.  If the situation is unsolvable (which, by the way, I do not see to be the case), then your obligation is to your own well-being first and foremost.  It's like you've undoubtedly been told by the flight attendant on an airplane - you have to put your own oxygen mask on before you try to help anybody else, because if you can't breathe, if you become ill, then you'll be no good to yourself or anyone else. This is one of the hardest programs we all fight to overcome.  You really do come first.  We've all been taught that we're only here to help others, or our first obligation is to our children, yet I assure you these are only programs beyond a certain reasonable point.  Only when you are Whole and confident inside your own identity can you truly serve others in any meaningful fashion.  From that foundation - your own Wholeness - you might choose to place the needs of others above your own, but then it is done with awareness and through choice rather than through some deeply rooted program which saddles you with guilt, feelings of rejection, depression and so on.  When the things done to us by others begin to harm us in this fashion, our lives are no longer our own, and that is, of course, completely unacceptable.

Regarding your second question and being continually passed over for promotions at work, my sense is that the reasons for this are two-fold.  First, I sense that it has become natural for you to identify yourself with your present position, and though you might find this difficult to believe at first, it is a certainty that if you see yourself as "the file clerk", for example, or "the secretary" or "the woman who's always been at that desk", this is how others will automatically identify you, too.  We program others to respond to us by how we see ourselves.  This isn't always any direct or even outward obvious thing we do, but in subtle ways, others see us how we program them to see us.  Ask yourself this:  have you come to believe or accept that you will never be promoted?  If so, chances are this is the reality you will create.  Hard to hear, perhaps, but inescapably true.  Never forget:  we are all interconnected through what is referred to on our website as "the non-local web of all Knowledge".  Carl Jung might have referred to it as the collective unconscious, and it has also been called "the idea net".  Whatever we call it, it is within that interconnectedness that we form our ideas about others and about the world.  If you are living inside the identity of someone who feels she will never be promoted, that is the data you are subconsciously uploading into that idea net.

Through intent, of course, you can change all of this rather quickly.  By becoming aware of how you see yourself and altering your own internal program, you can begin to take control of your identity and your world.  As for your supervisors brushing you off or making you feel you could lose your job entirely, this is indicative of how they see you - and whether we like it or not, how we are seen by others is determined at the bottom line by how we see ourselves.  When you begin to implement your intent - in this case an unbending intent to be seen for the valuable worker you are - you will discover that one of two things will happen rather quickly.  You will either receive the promotion that has been long overdue, or another - better - offer will come to you.  At the moment, you are in a pattern of stasis, created largely by the events in your personal life which have caused you to feel inadequate.  Remember:  that's the program that's been put onto you by others.  You are of ultimate value and inestimable worth.  You are the only one there is!

Finally, to briefly address your comments regarding your church and the fact that "God never seemed to answer your prayers"...  Essentially, prayer isn't what people think it is.  It isn't about asking some external, nebulous, unreachable entity to change your life in one way or another.  It isn't even about wishing or hoping.  Prayer is, quite simply, unbending intent.  It is a matter of holding an idea or an image in your mind and accepting nothing less than 100% of what it is you seek.  The world at large will, of course, attempt to tell you this is impossible, yet that is one of those intrinsic programs we wrestle with all the time.  As long as we perceive ourselves to be impotent "wretches" (I borrow that word intentionally from "Amazing Grace"), that is all we will ever be, for the greatest truth anyone could ever offer you is that you are the most powerful being in the universe. You are not a "wretch" and there is no such thing as "grace" except in the most basic terms of random chance and how it chooses to operate at any given moment.

You are god in the most basic definition of the word - "the creator" of your own reality, your own life, and -- ultimately -- your own eternity.  So when you have reason to pray, remember that prayer is essentially the manifestation of human intent and will. It comes from within you, not from outside.  Through quantum mechanics, we now know that the very molecules of reality change when they are observed by a human being.  We are not just a part of reality, we are reality.  Obviously, statements like this require responsible application from all of us.  "Believing" I can fly will not necessarily enable me to leap off a building and survive.  But "believing" I can fly can give me the motivation and the will to build an airplane even if the airplane did not exist before.  How things manifest depends almost entirely on the depth of our commitment to our intent.  Are we willing to go beyond the known world to literally create something that did not exist before?  The will is actually the indefinable "force" which brings these things into manifestation - not necessarily causing them to simply appear out of thin air, but manifesting them through methods that would be in keeping with the consensual reality, as in building the airplane because we desperately need wings.  Our personal evolution is no different.  If we automatically accept and "believe" we are impotent, or we "believe" we will die, that is the reality we create.  Only by being able to envision other thoughts do we empower ourselves to create the circumstances through which those thoughts become realities.

Again, thanks for writing.  If we can be of further service, please let us know, and do keep us informed as to your progress!

Be well.  Be whole. Live forever.
Della, at
The Quantum Shaman

COMMENT:  We recently heard from ______ with an update.  Once she learned to embrace her own unique identity through the tools of intent and self-examination, and by essentially reorienting others to see her as a confident, self-Realized woman, she quit the job she was working to begin running her own business, which has become extremely successful in a very short amount of time.  Additionally, once she "let go" of the role of "Mother" and became simply Herself, she discovered, in her own words, "I realized I was programming my children to reject me because their rejection validated my own feelings of being inadequate.  It was a vicious circle until you pointed out to me what I was doing.  Thank you!"  Since then, she has re-established a good relationship with one of the children, and there are positive signs for a reunion with the other as well.


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Sample Two
Dialogue With Dahna

INQUIRY:  In your website, Orlando mentions that a person "must evolve before they can evolve."  In my own life I feel like I'm stuck at a blind curve most of the time.  I can't see what's ahead and so I'm afraid to move for fear of getting run over.  I guess you could say I'm afraid of doing something wrong, so I don't do anything.

QUANTUM SHAMAN:  First, regarding Orlando's statement that a person has to evolve before they can evolve, this is one of the basic quantum concepts that's haunted me from the beginning.  Though there's no simple explanation for this, it basically addresses the idea that only after we've built the bridge can we look back and see how the bridge was built.  Only after we have done something - often out of desperation or through our own unbending intent to Do it even if we don't know how to do it - do we have the ability to understand the process that enabled us to Do what should have been impossible, something we didn't know how to do.  Boot-strap evolution is a matter of pushing beyond the known world, beyond the comfortable and familiar and into the true unknown.  This is true with regard to our daily lives or to our spiritual evolution. 

Another thing you would do well to embrace is the cell-deep understanding that fear of making a mistake is usually just an excuse to avoid doing something that's either difficult or alien to your present way of thinking.  As long as we can legitimately claim to be afraid of something, we have created our own comfortable prison.  This isn't to say the fear itself isn't real, but should be recognized as the programming tool it is within one's own frame of reference.  Through fear, we program ourselves to passivity, complacency and the status quo, staying always on the well-lighted path of those who have gone before, whether that path is viable for us or not. The problem is that it’s always going to be easier to function/think/exist in the “known” world – i.e., easier to react with anger or frustration because that’s a known series of thoughts and dramas - than it is to actually push the mind to think beyond where that brain has ever gone before.

INQUIRY:  You talk a lot about an evolution of consciousness.  Isn't evolution something that takes millions of years?  I mean, I know there's not really an external god out there who's going to grant me some kind of eternal life, and I feel I'm more than just a bunch of water and chemicals, but so what?  I know we can be immortal in theory, but I guess I don't have enough faith in myself to think I can do it.

QUANTUM SHAMAN:  As for the idea of an external "god", I agree completely, in that "god" is the force of creation , evolution and continuity within each and every living thing.  Remember:  the destruction of (blind) faith is the beginning of evolution! As long as anything is dependent on faith alone - i.e., faith in an external entity to grant or deny our desires - it renders you passive and impotent.  But I do understand where you're coming from, and it was a dilemma I wrestled with for a long time.  If someone asks, “Do you think it’s theoretically possible for a human being to evolve within the span of his/her own lifetime?”… it’s easier to respond with “Now that’s a stupid question!” than it is to actually consider the question and follow it in all directions through time, history, future, and so on.

When Orlando first presented us w/ that question, even I had the response of wanting to attack the questioner instead of considering the question, for it was easier to tell myself it was all impossible and therefore absurd than it was to ask myself what might be required to achieve or even seriously consider such an evolution in a world which tells us evolution is a process requiring eons. It was only when I forced myself to remember spontaneous mutations that I began to forward-think toward the conclusion that it might be possible to create one of those spontaneous mutations through methods I can’t yet imagine but can acknowledge as possibilities existing beyond my ability to perceive just yet.  As time and understanding have progressed, I've come to see that this "method" is quite probably a matter of unbending intent - the unshakable, immovable, silent determination one holds in their heart and mind.  I don't know if you've ever read The Stars My Destination (Alfred Bester) where Gully Foyle only “jumped” when he had to jump – to get out of the fire, literally.  Perhaps only when we have to evolve can we evolve.  But even then, we have to acknowledge that perhaps we can “mutate/evolve” before we can even begin to free ourselves of the consensual programming which has been telling us since birth that such things are “downright impossible".

We have to realize we are already comprised of literally eternal molecules before we can start to understand that a way truly does exist for us to attach our consciousness to the literal fabric of the universe itself -- the electromagnetic fields of energy which carry the quantum imprint of every sentient being who has ever existed.  This is not just some hare-brained idea of mine, but rather the conclusion of many highly competent quantum physicists.  We are energy, and therefore we are already part of the Infinite; but in order to maintain our personal cohesion of consciousness, it is here in this earthly manifestation that we must begin the work of intentionally willing a Wholeness to our spirit that will have the ability to transcend physical death. 

   Most people are completely incapable of even embarking on the mental evolution, which is the basic foundation for any other evolution that might be possible. We wouldn’t have gone to the moon if one man hadn’t believed we could, if he hadn’t asked the question of how it might be possible.  I even see evidence that we wouldn’t have a lot of the technology we have today if Gene Roddenberry had never postulated a world in which such technology was commonplace – for, after all’s said and done, we do live in a Star Trek world right now, and if one man had never envisioned it, I suspect we’d still be living in a rabbit-ear and transistor extension of the Beaver Cleaver 50s.  Granted, some other visionary would have given us some other vision and the world would have progressed and evolved along those lines instead of the Star Trek techno-world we now live in, but it still would have required that visionary who could picture reality in a different manner and place his vision before the world. Gene didn’t  have to build the communicators and phasers himself.  He only had to point out to the world that such things might exist.  Then the engineers had to forward-think those concepts into actuality, beginning with a vision. Now we have flip phones and talking computers that type everything we say onto the screen (and for $98.95, no less!), and sooner than we think, I suspect we’ll be galactic citizens instead of residents of Mud Ball #3.  :-)

    This evolution of consciousness is much the same. Before we can evolve (as individuals – physically, spiritually, metaphysically, dimensionally), we first have to see that we can, and that seeing is a lot of hard work, almost impossible at times, though once it comes, there’s no going back to the comfortable lies our fellow man calls “comfortable lives”.  IOW, it’s one of those paradoxical things – we have to evolve before we can evolve in that we have to undo centuries of programming, perhaps even down to a genetic/cellular level.  We have to actually see that we are the creatures we are largely because that is how we perceive/believe ourselves to be.  Only after we tackle that programming does it become possible to “re-program” ourselves to be other than human, to literally become more than the sum of our organic and energetic particles.  We become Whole.

   Did you know that there’s no biological reason we can’t live to be at least 300 years old or more?  Scientists don’t talk about this much because they can’t explain it, but basically it seems that the body ages at the rate it does because it always has – IOW, as a collective species, we believe/perceive that we aren’t capable of living much past 80 or 90, and we “program” ourselves to be the same way (or at least similar) by the same time in our lives.  Even in ancient Greece, a lot of people lived to be 80 or more… and it’s scary (or perhaps enlightening) to realize that we’ve advanced in every way except that one.  Oh, now a lot more of us live to see 80 or more, but the point is that Man himself hasn’t changed much in the past 5000 years.  Can it be because he programmed himself to perceive himself only as a creature who lives, toils, grows old, and finally dies?

    Sadly, we’re products and victims of our perceptions even more than we are products of our environment.

INQUIRY: How does the flea get off the dog's back without jumping onto another dog? How do we evolve an eternal consciousness if we don't have any idea of what that consciousness is even like?

QUANTUM SHAMAN:  It has to do with perceptions, or belief structures (personal, not social), and of intentionally unplugging one's self-worth from that vast, churning machine affectionately known as “society”.  In a nutshell, it’s coming to the conclusion that so-called “common sense” is actually the lowest common denominator of human existence – i.e., what we believe as a species (we’re born, we live, we die) may not necessarily be true just because it’s always been that way.  After all, it was once-upon-a-time true that “man can’t fly” or that “the world is flat” – both statements were true to the perceptions & the “common sense” glands of the people of the day and their (limited) science could even “prove” both statements.  Sadly, in today’s world, we tend to think our technology has made us “enlightened”, just as the poor cretins of previous societies believed themselves to be living “in an enlightened age”.  In reality, it’s just a matter of where one is standing.

   When Einstein was working on his theory of relativity, he first had to overcome the absolute “reality” of the science of the day.  Here’s a quote from The Dancing Wu Li Masters (a book dealing w/ quantum physics in laymen’s terms, more or less), by author Gary Zukav (Seat of the Soul).

                “From the POV of classical mechanics, the principle of the constancy of the velocity of light makes no sense at all.  In fact, it conflicts violently with common sense.  Before Einstein, the totalitarian grasp of “common sense” held the constancy of the speed of light to the status of a paradox.  (Whenever we bump into the limits of our self-imposed cognitive reality, the result is always a paradox).  It took a pure beginner’s mind, such as Albert Einstein’s, to accept that if what is, is (the constancy of the velocity of light,) then common sense must be wrong.

         “The most important victim of Einstein’s beginner’s mind was the whole structure of classical (Galilean) transformations, that sweet but illusory fruit of a common sense anchored in the macroscopic dimensions and velocities.  To give up common sense is not an easy task.  Einstein was the first person to do it in such a wholesome manner that his perception of the very nature of time & space changed radically.  Moreover, when all was said and done, Einstein’s vision of time & space turned out to be more useful than that of common sense.”

     Instead of just automatically accepting that things are the way they are, we need to be constantly asking ourselves if that’s really a true statement, or if we only think it’s true because it’s the truth of the day, the science of the century, and so on.  So the only way to get off the dog’s back is to either recreate the dog or recreate the self, not depending on science, religion or society to do any of it for you.  That process of re-creation is done slowly but with intent by stripping away each level of the program until you are face to face with the answer to the first question:  Who Are You?

As always, I have enjoyed our dialogue and look forward to your next letter.  In the meantime,

Be well.  Be Whole.  Live forever,
DVH at
The Quantum Shaman



All samples represent actual consultations, and are posted here with the permission of the individuals for whom they were originally prepared.  Certain passages were abridged to protect anonymity and privacy.


Our consultations should not be construed as psychotherapy nor used as a replacement for qualified medical care should you feel such care is needed.

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