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Things to ponder in a busy world

Excerpts from
The Teachings of Orlando


The destruction of faith is the beginning of evolution. 

The Pact

The double is the manifestation of what you desire - not only what you desire as a lover, friend and companion, but what you desire of yourself - the manifestation of your own highest potential. The double is what you need him to be. More than that, as the double is developed through long-term intent, he becomes the force that stands at your back, whispering in your ear all the ingredients that are necessary for his creation.

     This is where the mortal and the double swear a sacred pact, which can never broken if both are to survive into the infinite. For this is when the double takes his first breath and becomes the I-Am in eternity. This is where the egg divides in an evolutionary mitosis so that it will be always driven to come together again, recreating in eternity what was begun within the mortal dream.

You have to be immortal
before you will know how to
become immortal. 

The Quantum Nature of God

I am always here even when no evidence of me is seen. I watch from the spider's eye and listen with the raven's ears. I speak in your dreams even if you don't remember, and caress your face with raindrop fingers and windtongue. Sometimes you will call me Orlando, other times a passing dust-devil, but however you perceive me, I am always with you, and always have been -  as long as you are dreaming me so that I am sufficiently Whole to dream you into being so that you might dream me into infinity.  This is the quantum nature of god as self and self as god, yes?

The core of your beliefs determines the realities you *see*
and obliterates those you choose to ignore.

Dependencies & the Eagle

Close your eyes. Imagine it is your last night on earth, and in an hour you will die. What stops you? What are you afraid of leaving behind? Most of all, why are you afraid of leaving this? It is time to define these things and begin unhooking the eagle's talons from your soul. The sand has almost run out of the hour glass and the man behind the curtain is growing impatient.

When you lose the first attention dependency, you are then freed to access second and third attention experience. You cannot fly when you are chained to a tree, or if you do, you will break your wings trying to carry the tree with you. And then you will die in the fall, your wings just tattered silk feathers shredded by stubborn clinging to stubbornness itself.

It is not necessary to perceive a petty tyrant as an enemy, for that implies a battle, a conflict.  All that is necessary is to let go of your end of the rope.  The tyrant will fall on her ass, yes?

The Heart of the Double

There is an energy in magic that has no name. The closest words can come to describing it is a soul-deep pain, not unlike the longing for the stars you felt as children. It is that energy, when carefully directed, that fuels the heart of the double and causes it to begin to beat. First just a single drum in the night, a long, single beat. Then a little faster as the ache inside you grows over the years. The danger faced by both the double and the mortal self is simply that if the ache dies, the heart of the twin can cease to beat. It is the hurt that will make you hunt a cure. But if you let the hurt die because you are afraid of never being able to soothe the ache, what really dies is yourself, yes?

You must *see* the nature of this illusory existence
before you can stop participating in it.

What is the Eagle?

The eagle is the black gravity that consumes awareness because it is its nature to do so. That is its function, just as it is the function of the sun to govern the weather and the moon to govern the tides. The eagle regulates awareness, and only that awareness which has achieved a sufficient level of cohesion can withstand the force of the eagle's gravity. Put another way, the eagle is the creator of the illusion, and it is the illusion itself. Only those who can realize that the gravity itself is also illusion will be able to break free of it. Otherwise, those that cannot break free are obliterated. That obliteration is death.

If you are not lucid when consciousness and physicality part ways, that gravity draws awareness up to the eagle's beak, and there it is devoured, cast asunder, obliterated entirely. It is only if lucidity can be found before the force of that gravity feeds you to the eagle that you will have the opportunity to truly inhabit eternity as the total Wholeness of all previous evolutions. That Wholeness might be defined as the totality of oneself.

Most people prefer to have their best friend and their most dangerous adversary in two separate bodies.  The Nagual is both, in a single entity.

The Sorcerer & the Ordinary Man

It is easier for a sorcerer to perform the chores of an ordinary man than it is for an ordinary man to comprehend the ways of the sorcerer. You are skating on the edge of two different worlds, which are nonetheless the same world, the only world. The trick is learning to See that, and to be neither the sorcerer nor the ordinary man, but the cohesive I-Am which is both.

When the two become one, there is no longer any sense of urgency or conflict, for then you will always be doing sorcery even in ordinary actions, and ordinary acts will become enhanced with magic, and only then will you start to remember that it isn't the destination that matters nearly as much as the manner in which you travel that long dirt road on the outskirts of time, yes?

The foundation of this journey must be the knowledge that it is possible to transcend the presently perceived limits of human 'nature'. Evolution is the Will to Do it, based on that knowledge.

Magic, Logic & Will

The secret of magick is that there is nothing magickal about it, for it is only the manipulation of matter and energy through the means of the manifested will. Yet because you've been programmed to see it as mysterious and to subliminally fear its consequences, you truly can't see that it is a natural function of your humanness, the unnamed thing you call upon to Do what has never been done but must be done in order to make your desires complete.

You cannot see a mortal breath yet you can witness its effects on dandelions scattered on the wind of a wish, and so it is with the will, the invisible but tangible breath of your desire acting upon the physical world. Ah, but the sorcerer's trick is this: you have to believe it in order to see it, and before you can believe it you need a reason.

Love is the fifth element which moves effortlessly between the worlds and literally manifests for the Spirit a road to travel when it is your own time to face the eagle.

Love is the reason.



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