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     You stand at the crack between the worlds peering from "here" into "there", perhaps only now beginning to realize that there is no difference between the two worlds, and that all worlds are only the same world divided infinitely, but divided only by perception.

The light shining through the cracks is the light left on by your own Intent, the illumined force of your own Existence, and while it is not my desire to sound like a mystic, there is simply no other way to explain this. It could be said that the energy of the Spirit migrates throughout space-time, inhabiting one thing and then another, in a progression that has been called reincarnation, though it is not a term I personally choose, since the baggage attached to the concept has rendered it virtually useless for sorcerers with true Intent.

What is Intended here is an understanding of why that crack between the worlds seems to exist in the first place, for only as you begin to thoroughly embrace that will you be enabled to walk through it at Will. During the migration of the Spirit through space-time, consciousness begets matter in an ongoing attempt to heal itself of its infinite fragmentation. In one incarnation, the energy is Mary, and in another perhaps it answers to Sean or James or Julian. But the problem is that without cohesion of the Whole Self, identity and memory are lost from one manifestation to the next, and so the Spirit divides itself infinitely, giving up its awareness to the Eagle, only to repeat the process again and again. And though many new age gurus would try to tell you this is the natural law and order of the universe, I assure you it isn't True for those with shamanic vision to See and the Will to be more than a simple byproduct of nature.

Put more simply, even spirits can lose their way, and all too often when awareness is lost, so is the I-Am, and so each subsequent manifestation of that same molecular energy has little relevance to what has gone before. Cohesion and progression are lost without the Intent to inhabit the assemblage point of the Whole Self into eternity. And so the sorcerer's journey becomes the task of manifesting an awareness of all the Spirit's 'previous' manifestations and placing that awareness outside of Time so that the mortal self still inside of Time might have a lifeline to the Whole Self, yes?

The difference between sorcerers and ordinary men is that sorcerers work within a paradigm that functions outside of time. And so even though you have little or no awareness of it, the person you are right now is the seed of that cohesive Whole Self, and through your Intent you are manifesting yourself within the seventh sense, or third attention if you prefer. It would be impossible to explain this sufficiently in a single sentence, but when you begin to realize that even history is not altogether immutable, you will see that the actions you take now, in this life and this moment, impact the Spirit of you stretching back to the dawn of your energetic history, and stretching forward into the eternal infinite.

The sorcerer affects time in all directions, you see, for when one is outside of the linear mortal box, it becomes possible to dive in and out of "history" at will, influencing and manipulating the energy of your Self throughout all of time in order to bring the spirit into alignment with one single moment in the Now (this lifetime, this moment) when you will be able to use your Will to create the opening to freedom beyond the eagle which so many mystics have contemplated endlessly.


Orlando - January 16, 2003




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