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Nitty gritty observations of life's illusions & human folly

Life's Illusions...
& Human Folly

Who is the Enlightened Crone?

A Simpler Life
Being Unknown
The Birthday Gift
The Sorcerer's Trick
Once Upon An Eagle
The Totality of Oneself
That Feeling - New!
Not-Doing - New!

The Rants
The Lighter Side of Folly

The Tao of Lettuce - New!
Economics, Politics & Panic - New!


Into the Rabbit Hole


Make Contact
With Your Higher Self

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A collection of humorous, tragic,
and ultimately real observations of life's folly,
from the perspective of an enlightened crone.





Recipe for an Enlightened Crone

Touch of Quantum.  Essence of Shaman. 
Pinch of Toltec.  Dash of Zen. 
Two parts Dreaming.  Seeds of Seeing.
Hint of Chaos.  Sliver of Sorcery.
Blended over Time.
Served cold, without apology.

Quantum Shaman's Blog


What is Enlightenment?

Put simply, it is a state of awakened awareness which emerges after the seeker has removed all her illusions, relinquished all her attachments to ideas such as "shoulds" and "oughttas" and all the trappings of our culturally-generated morality, laid waste to her belief systems, and  has essentially come to see that enlightenment itself is an illusion as well.  And yet, without enlightenment, she would not have the perspective to see that the thing itself is the ultimate illusion and simultaneously the only freedom from the illusion itself.  And therein lies the quantum humor.

At that point, the fully awakened crone looks around and realizes the nature of all gods, the essence of all creation. Some might say she becomes a teacher.  But the crone herself will usually just point to the mirror and tell you, "That's where you'll find your teacher.  I am just the one pointing at the mirror."

And so, in many ways, the articles, dialogues and essays in this section of our website are bony crone fingers pointing at the mirror.

Who knows what you will find there?



The Enlightened Crone

A Simpler Life
Being Unknown
The Birthday Gift
Death, Immortality & The Sorcerer's Trick

Once Upon An Eagle
The Totality of Oneself
That Feeling - New!
Not-Doing: Assembling Otherworlds
- New!


Quantum Shaman's Blog



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Shifting the Assemblage Point, Healing the Spirit
All wellness begins with how we assemble our world.

 Lose addictions, overcome fear, experience Silent Knowing, abolish dis-ease.


The Infinite Journey
Where the Quantum Shaman Falls
Into the Rabbit Hole







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Movie Review: Enigma

Destiny & the Quantum Shaman

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