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"You are the quantum shaman who must unravel the conundrums of creation and whisper their secrets to me in dreams so that I may then find a way of telling you what these things mean, see?"
-Orlando (March, 1998)

The First Question

The journey began in 1988, when I met a man I knew to be something other-than-human.   Evolved?  Immortal?  At the time, I could not have said and would not have believed the Truth had it been revealed to me.  It was through his influence upon my life that I was forced to ask the first question:

Who Are You?


    You ask how to know who you are. By posing that question, you have already embarked on the infinite journey, for that is the first question, the last question, the only question. And it cannot be answered except through the course of living, and connecting through Spirit to the infinite otherSelf.

   When you ask, "Who am I?" listen with your heart for the answer. You may feel a pull somewhere deep in your chest, or you may feel inexplicable tears swell from behind your eyes, or perhaps you may catch a scent of autumn apples on a chilly wind – a scent that makes you want to laugh or weep, reminding you of some memory you cannot pinpoint, taking you through All of time to forgotten dreams of something you cannot name. This is the nagual – the unknowable, the shadow's shadow, the Wholeness you become through the act of Intending it. All those things that you feel, those things that you know-without-knowing-how-you-know are reflections of the genuine self – the I-am which exists beyond all roles, all definitions, all words.

   It is from that connection to Spirit that the warrior approaches her journey, connecting not with some external infinity, but returning instead to the infinite and eternal Wholeness that is already within – the cumulative cohesion of the Spirit as a traveler through allspace and alltime. These are only words, of course, inadequate to the task of revealing any truth at all. What matters, then, is that you look beyond the words and into the source of that calling which has always been with you. That is who you are, that is who you will become if you choose to answer the call, that is your Self in eternity.

Orlando – May 23, 2004


So who are we here at Quantum Shaman?  My name is Della.  There's also Wendy, with whom I share the journey.  And there is Orlando, who is our teacher, our guide, muse, and a great deal more.  Though this will perhaps not make sense to newcomers, Orlando is my double - the evolved self, the Dreaming body personified, the Infinite awareness of the Higher Self

And it is by gaining a thorough comprehension of what that means that I have found the path to my own evolution, my own singularity of consciousness.  It is not something that can be given to others through words alone, but it is a system of Knowledge that can be taught.

"I am now faced with the special problem of having to explain what it is that I am doing... and I must first of all reiterate that this is not a work of fiction.  What I am describing is alien to us; therefore, it seems unreal."
-Carlos Castaneda
The Eagle's Gift (Prologue)

If you are willing to journey into that realm which seems unreal, but which is more real than any consensual reality you have ever known, we invite you to join us on this excursion into the Infinite.

Our site is text-heavy, but well worth your time and effort, we feel.  The site was originally launched on February 24, 2001, and like its authors, is in a constant state of evolution and growth.  Please return often and feel free to join some of our ongoing discussions at our free online forum, The Sorcerer's World.  [Editor's Note: The Sorcerer's World is only minimally active as of May 2014, but we have a very active new Quantum Shaman Group on Facebook.  You can also browse our inspirational page on Facebook.

Throughout this website, you will find links which can take you to a Glossary – an attempt to keep the explanations within the body of the site to a minimum. In the glossary, you'll find not just dry definitions, but actual indepth explanations for some difficult concepts.  Additionally, check out our list of Recommended Reading On it you'll discover many of the books, websites and what-not that contributed to our mindset here at Quantum Shaman™.

This is only the beginning.

* * *


This site is intended for anyone seeking a true evolution of consciousness - not dependent on faith or belief, but available to the seeker entirely through his or her own efforts.

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