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Assembling Other Worlds



Sometimes when my mind is sufficiently occupied with some meaningless chore, I will realize somewhat as just a matter of fact, that my assemblage point is busily engaging in the act of assembling other worlds.  Not the bizarre and alien "otherworlds" don Juan spoke of to Carlos Castaneda, but simply other places and times right here on the ordinary level of awareness.  This has occurred to often that I finally decided to write a bit about it - partially to see if others out there experience similar occurrences, and also to try to capture some essence of the experience itself.


I find myself at a small Mexican cafe somewhere in Victorville, California.  No place I've ever been.  No place I would ever really need or want to go in real life (whatever that may be).  It's just a little roadside restaurant, clean but old, and I am sitting in a booth with green vinyl seats which have cracked in a couple of places from long-term use.  There is a sense of waiting for someone to arrive, and as I wait in the booth, the scent of carnitas and beer is as real as if I were there in physical manifestation.

What am I doing here? I wonder - both as the person in the booth, and as "Della" observing this experience from the sidelines of reality, sitting at my desk in Yucca Valley.  It seems I am "myself", yet the workings of the assemblage point are such that even if I were to manifest in some ancient history inside the body of Alexander or Hephastion, I would undoubtedly still feel like 'myself', because that would be the position of the assemblage point into which I had opened my eyes at that moment. 

The self dreams the double. Once it has learned to dream the double, the self arrives at this weird crossroad and a moment comes when one realizes that it is the double who dreams the self. Your double is dreaming you. No one knows how it happens. We only know that it does happen. That's the mystery of us as luminous beings. You can awaken in either one.
(Carlos Castaneda, TALES OF POWER)

What's interesting, however, is that even when opening my eyes inside the assemblage point of the woman in the roadside cafe somewhere outside of Victorville, there is the dual perception of the self-as-observer, and so the question which comes to me is... what might happen if one migrated one's total awareness into the woman in the restaurant?  Would that become, then, the reality I would inhabit, and "this" position of the assemblage point which I now recognize as 'Della' would be essentially lost?   No way to know except to do it, and of course, the 'do-ing' would be far easier said than done for many reasons (not the least of which is the first enemy:  fear itself).

And yet...

I am left wondering what these things are really all about.  Sure, easy enough to dismiss them as "your mind wandering", or "daydreaming", but what does THAT really mean?  When we say our mind has wandered in such a manner, is that just the comfort zone terminology we use to force the assemblage point back into its familiar location?

Not really expecting hard core answers here.  Just asking some questions with the hope of looking outside the box, beyond the matrix for a moment.  Who is the woman in the Mexican cafe who wears my younger face and yet I cannot say I am her.  Are the other worlds we assemble perhaps parallel realities - manifestations of our energy in a milieu where perhaps we turned left instead of right, and our lives turned out altogether differently?

Quantum theory postulates that for every choice we make - even the most minute ones, such as whether to have ice tea or lemonade - leads to an infinite number of alternate possibilities, each one splintering off from that decision like thousands of little roads breaking off from a more major highway.  We are all of those possibilities, according to quantum, and yet our perception remains stubbornly fixed in our "identity" in what we think of as the "here and now"...

And yet...

Is it possible that any of those quantum other roads are available to us by a shift of the assemblage point that would allow us to "open our eyes" inside of one of those alter-selves?  Would it even be desirable to do so?  Would it be playing Russian Roulette with our own well-being, or is that just a fear placed onto us in our early childhood when we are cautioned by well-meaning adults to "Keep your thoughts focused.  Don't let your mind wander.  Pay attention."

It often seems to me that we are so programmed as a result of our so-called "enculturation into society" that we lose touch with abilities which might otherwise bring us into direct contact with that mystical aspect of ourselves which is always peeking out from around corners like a mischievous muse - the aspect of ourselves that has the ability to move not only through space, but through time and even through the quantum structure of eternity and infinity - not as some metamagickal journey into the unknown, but in accordance with our own human nature which has perhaps become so 'warped' by the demands placed upon us to conform that, ultimately, we have no idea of our own potential, our own untapped ability.

And so I ask myself...  Why did don Juan think it was so important for Carlos Castaneda to have the ability to "assemble other worlds"?  Where can that take us if we can "open our eyes" inside of some quantum other-self?  Is this simply a description of the spirit's journey through the infinite, or is it perhaps the key to our own infinite awareness - transcending not only the matrix, but even the meaning of death itself?

As I said... it's not the answers that are important.  It's the question.  At least for me.

So when I find my mind wandering to some lonely cafe where I've never been, when some otherworld assembles itself as a result of my not-doings, I may have the wherewithal, the awareness, and the courage (the hardest part of the recipe) to simply "open my eyes" inside of that reality as a way to potentially discover why it assembled itself  in the first place.  Are these the worm holes into our 'immortality' - not in any linear manner of living forever in a single humanform body, but as a means to move our awareness into our otherselves throughout the space/time continuum, like a force of awareness always in motion.

To those who have never experienced this kind of thing, perhaps I will sound like a raving madwoman.  Perhaps I am.  *shrugs*  That's also one of those infinite possibilities.  And that's okay, too.  Just part of the ride. 



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