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Quantum Shaman: The quest for immortality begins here. Shamanism, Castaneda, Immortality

Magic, Sorcery
and Quantum Shamans

"The destruction of faith
is the beginning of evolution."

January, 2000

 Because all things are comprised of energy at a sub-atomic level –  in other words, even what we traditionally think of as matter is only an arrangement of energetic particles – it stands to reason that we are part of that same universal energy.  According to the laws of physics, energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only change form.  And when considered in that light, it becomes obvious that the molecules of which we ourselves are comprised have been here since before time began and will be here past time’s end.  As energy.  We have within us the entire scope of eternity itself, the very blueprint of Reality, right down to a molecular level.  We have always been here and always will be.

    And yet, there is awareness of our mortality, the knowledge that all we have experienced as individuals unique unto ourselves, all we have known, is transient, lost to oblivion at the moment of death.  This is why religions exist – not to ultimately save us, which is altogether impossible in the manner in which salvation has come to be defined by religious dogma – but to comfort us with belief systems which rely on faith alone.  That is not what this path is about.  This is about taking eternal life into our own hands.  It’s about learning to see  how we have been programmed to think of ourselves as impotent handfuls of chemicals, and even more important, it is about breaking free of all programs so that we might finally confront and embrace our unlimited human potential.


We are sentient beings.  And we have within ourselves the key to claim our rightful place as citizens of eternity instead of prisoners of dust.


    The trick is gaining the ability to permanently embed or attach our individual consciousness (which is also a synapse of energy) into the eternal electromagnetic, energetic structure of the universe at large so that all the experiences and knowledge of the individual Self are not lost to Death (whatever that might ultimately be). Or, put another way, the trick is to attach our consciousness to something eternal as opposed to having it perish because it is presently attached to organic matter - and that eternal "something" might be called the shaman's double - the energy body perfected to its highest state of cohesion.


With consciousness cohesive and intact beyond the physical body, the perspective which we currently recognize as Self can become eternal, immortal, and enabled to act on the level of what man has traditionally called “beings of light” or, more accurately, beings of energy – yet beings of energy with the ability to function as pure consciousness, or by donning a body, or in a multitude of other ways we cannot even begin to imagine until we begin to expand our perceptions.


At a certain point of evolution, there would be no limits, and that is the freedom toward which quantum shamans are striving.


Would we have a physical body?  Of course, if that was our intent at the time, for through the expansion of our perceptual tools, we can learn how to utilize consciousness itself  (Will) to arrange energy as matter – for example, just as ancient legends speak of beings who can seemingly appear or disappear at will, we would have the ability to be “physical” or “non-local”, entirely at our own choosing.  Would we exist as pure energy?  We already do at a molecular level; the only difference is how we perceive ourselves and how those evolving perceptions might aid us in our own self-willed transformation.


Whereas our molecules have indeed always been here, our consciousness is seemingly exclusive, and it is the survival of that unique point-of-view, that cosmically irreplaceable “I Am,” which satisfies the definition of eternal life.  Some people are content being what they call “part of the big picture”.  They are satisfied existing at a molecular level, coming and going through molecular life-and-death cycles as a tree, a bird, a mountain stream, where there is no continuity of individual consciousness, no single point of view into eternity, but only an endless and entirely random exchange of molecules from one form into another.


Personally, I am not satisfied with this, for it does not appear to represent the complete potential available to us through evolution; and it is my contention that the entire purpose of mortal life is to fully embrace our own unique point-of-view and inhabit it into infinity.  In this manner, we become eternally conscious – immortal beings of indestructible energy – which, by definition, is the attainment of eternal life.  It has taken 10 billion years of evolution for the molecules to come together in precisely this fashion which you recognize in your own mirror, and for consciousness to develop in exactly the manner you know as your Self.  So it's been a birthing process requiring 10 billion years!  I don't want to lose that and have to start over again at the molecular level!


We are here - right now - for a reason, and that reason is to begin to engage the path of our own self-willed evolution.


Based on personal experience (not faith or belief), I have come to know that sentient beings – evolved humans – exist among us right now, both as physical and non-physical entities, depending entirely on their own will.  Should they choose to be in physical form, you could not distinguish them from anyone else.  Should they choose to be non-local (an individual consciousness extending into infinity and eternity simultaneously), you could most likely not perceive them at all unless it was their intention.  They are immortal (indestructible), and they are eternal (not governed or restricted by linear time).  They are not aliens nor demons nor phantasms.  They are us, evolved to our highest potential.


It is my intent to facilitate other seekers in this direction by revealing how my own personal path has led me to this deep and unshakable Knowledge.  I will not ask you to believe anything.  I will not ask you to have faith in anything.  In fact, I strongly urge you to take the journey for yourself, knowing in advance that it will be the hardest thing you will ever do and fully understanding that most who do embark on the path seldom see it through, mainly because  it requires a commitment to the Self and to the Truth that becomes far too real and scary the further one goes.  But for those who do make that commitment and overcome their fears, it is a journey of exploration that will open your eyes profoundly. You will never see the world the same again.


And you can live forever.



So let me jump straight into the middle of things.  If you get to the end of this introduction and feel I’m wasting your time, turn off the computer, have a chuckle or two at what are surely the ravings of a madwoman, and feel safe and confident in the knowledge that your personal reality is intact and secure.  On the other hand, if you choose to read further – and I hope you will – know in advance that it is my intention to destroy your world of comfortable illusions and false security just as mine has been destroyed – not because it will make you unhappy or give me pleasure, but because it will make you free of the programs and misconceptions which imprison us all.


But first… there is the matter of words.


For example, to many people who might pride themselves on their open-mindedness and intellect, the statement on our opening page which reads “immortality itself is within our grasp” could cause them to put a book aside, believing it to be only a work of fiction – yet when I refer to immortals and our own potential immortality throughout this endeavor, I ask you to remember that this is a concept meant to embody all at once the ideas of immortality-through-transformation, the hidden side of the human soul, the potential evolution of homo sapien into homo immortalis  – an old idea and myth evolving into a new idea and myth just as the word “ghost” might be used to describe a deceased entity (the traditional definition), or how it has come to be used in certain branches of analytical psychology and metaphysics as “the ghost inside the machine” – the living spirit that animates our human bodies.  That the word has certain baggage is irrelevant – for part of this journey also involves learning to see beyond the limits of language.


Indeed, language is the first barrier that keeps us from embracing our rightful evolution, for as long as we see only the words and fail to look at whatever concept lies beyond, we have trapped ourselves in the prison of our ancestors and will remain there until we die.




As long as we blindly accept the words, “All things die,” for example, we are merely machines acting out the programming of our species without making any genuine, individual attempt to evolve beyond reality as it exists to our present perceptions.



Ultimately, we must each determine for ourselves the validity or falseness of every “absolute” with which we have been programmed – yes, literally programmed – since birth.  Perhaps we will come to discover that all things die.  Or – just perhaps – we might discover that this is every bit as much a misinterpretation of the world as it once was to believe “The earth is flat.”  Words.  They have been our prison for centuries, but if we are impeccable, they can also become our ultimate freedom.


So in many ways, this is a book about language.  If we cannot get beyond the words, if we cannot open ourselves to ideas, we cannot learn.  We cannot grow.  We cannot evolve.


It would be easier for me to embrace the possibility of an evolved, transformed human being than to embrace the idea that we merely continue our earthly existence as spirits in heaven.  So the idea of self-willed transformation is far more palatable than the idea of passive salvation, and for that reason alone, my allies and my double, Orlando, would choose that imagery as the vehicle with which to communicate with me.


One thing that has become crystal clear to me in the course of this journey is that we all have a certain mindset that is natural to us.  It is the point of view from which we assemble our ideas about the world.  In some people, perhaps it is a mindset which tells them that any attempt to meddle into the affairs of the soul are not only dangerous to our mental health, but sinful in the eyes of “god”.  Another person’s mindset might simply be that The Real World is all there is, so any attempts to meddle into the affairs of the soul and its potential evolution are pointless because, according to their mindset, the soul is nothing more than a series of electrical synapses and chemical reactions in the brain and evolution is a process occurring over millions of years strictly as a matter of mutation and natural selection.


Still another person’s mindset might be that magic is only a science not yet understood.  In many ways, that is the mindset needed to even attempt this journey.  And remember, the word "magick" is not the same to all people. I do not refer to rituals and spell-casting when I use that word, nor even to the Wiccan idea of The Craft.  Instead, magick is a word we use for things not immediately understood on an intellectual level, just as the act of turning on a light in a room would have been seen as "sorcery" by someone living in the 15th century.


Mindset determines how we go through our lives and, ultimately, whether or not we are open to transformation within ourselves.  And, not surprisingly, each of us is capable of moving from one mindset to another almost at will, if we allow ourselves to do so.  For example, though I was raised to be practical, down to Earth, extremely logical and even stubbornly rooted in “reality”, I have come to see that changing how I look at something can change my entire reality.


If I only look at things through the eyes of metaphysics, perhaps I stand to lose a certain objectivity with regards to what is considered sane in the eyes of my fellow human beings – within the confines of our agreed-upon world.  On the other hand, if I choose to only look at metaphysical and spiritual matters through the eyes of logic, I can always find explanations for anything that might seem out of kilter with The Real World.  But if I am willing to let go of that stubborn mindset – which is no more “real” than any other, for it represents only a subjective point of view of the perceiver – and look at the same concepts through the eyes of the mystic , I discover that by changing my mindset, I have opened entire new worlds to exploration.  By automatically believing science can explain everything - and worse, by adopting the common delusion that it already has - we close ourselves off to all but the known world.


 Did I say delusion and science in the same sentence?  Did I feel a few spines stiffen with the mere suggestion that perhaps science is no more “true” in the big picture than tales of faerie folk dancing in circles of magick mushrooms on a moonlight night sometime in late October?  Science is essentially nothing more than the definition we currently hold in our minds to form our world view.  But never forget that rational science once proved that the flat Earth was the center of the universe.


Science has been used to “prove” whatever man needs it to prove, and it is limited not only by the technology available to it, but by the perceptions of the scientists themselves, as has been discovered by quantum mechanics in recent years.  The world reacts and changes on a molecular level in response to the observer!  So, in reality, pure science can never really exist for the simple reason that it is dependent upon the scientist – and that scientist has a point of view, a mindset, which will determine the direction of his research and influence the nature of his findings, even if only slightly.  To think of science as absolute, therefore, is as delusional as the notion that a man could jump off a building and fly. In fact, I predict we will perfect that feat of “magick” before science will discover the so-called seat of the soul, the ghost inside the machine.


So this journey is also about mindset.  Look at it wholly through the eyes of a down to earth, everyday-reality point of view, and you will have to conclude that the events I am going to describe are not only unlikely but impossible.  Look at it through the eyes of established religious beliefs, and you will automatically conclude that I am a sinner in league with the devil.  But look at it through the eyes of wonder and you will perhaps discover that the world is not the absolute we have been taught to believe.  There really is magick in the world despite everything we’ve been taught.  And in spite of our best attempts to believe otherwise, it peeks out from time to time, a mischievous muse leading us to follow.



What is magic? 

It is the force within us that enables a 110 lb. woman to lift a 5000 lb. tractor trailer off an infant.  It is the undefined component that has made it possible for a woman in Florida to be visited by her son in California, only to later discover that he never left Los Angeles – yet she knows intimately what he said to her during his “visit” and he can confirm her statements as fact, even though neither he nor anyone else ever told her.  It is the force that enables a man who falls in love to go into an abrupt remission from terminal cancer.  It is the premonition which causes a woman to cancel a plane flight and later discover the aircraft she would have been on crashed into the ocean.  It is the ghost inside the machine.  It is us.


          Magic is the Realization that we aren’t at the mercy of deities or technology for our salvation from the abyss.  We are capable of choosing our own immortal evolution and our own transformation if – if – we are willing to experiment with a new mindset which has the potential to transcend all the programming we have spent a lifetime accumulating.


  It is not an easy task nor an easy journey.  There are no exercises at the end of each chapter, no mantras or affirmations that will substitute for doing the work of self-exploration and self-transformation – and it is a life-long undertaking. This is not a guide to any single destination, but my personal travelogue of my quest into the unknown.

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(?)   What is faith?

As used throughout this website, "faith" is essentially nothing more than belief or hope.  If I say, "I have faith in life after death," it is nothing more than a belief, perhaps true or perhaps untrue.  You might ask, "What do you base this statement on,  that there is life after death?"  I might reply, "Because I believe it to be true."   At that level, "faith" and "belief" result in a statement made without basis in fact, but only basis in hope, which is the fallacy of organized religion.  It requires belief in external deities, faith that those unseen deities will miraculously grant us eternal life, and hope that we do not do something in the course of living to incur the wrath of these vengeful deities.  Such "faith" requires nothing of us except faith itself, and as such it becomes nothing more than a programmed response.  Think about it. 

    When "faith" is only another word for "belief", then faith is only a fool's paper sword in a nuclear war.  Only if "faith" in ourselves is used as a tool to motivate us into actively participating in our own ongoing evolution and creation is "faith" anything more than passive hope. When using the word "faith" in that manner, it is more accurately called Intent - an internal mechanism rather than belief in external mechanisms.

     As Orlando once said to me, "Faith is what we want to believe, a primitive life-boat too easily shot full of holes.  Don't just believe things.  Belief and faith are only fairy tales in the dark.  Knowledge is the only real power, the first tool for chipping away at the programs and the belief systems to find out who you are beyond all of that."

    At first I did not like this explanation one bit, but as I quickly discovered, that rankling irritation I felt when he first said this was part of the program which keeps us from Realizing our own potential.  As long as we have "faith" in external redemption from the abyss of oblivion, we have abandoned our own potential and rendered ourselves impotent.  

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