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Hi! My name is Della Van Hise, and I've been doing readings & consultations for over 40 years.

I've worked with people from all works of life, ranging from the homeless to celebrities, and I am the author of several books, including "Quantum Shaman: Diary of a Nagual Woman."

My readings are intended to guide and empower you. I also offer individual lessons to anyone wanting to learn how to develop their own intuition and psychic/spiritual insights.



How Does It Work?

Easy! When you decide what type of reading or service you want, just click the buy link and pay through PayPal.

Once that's done, email me with your questions to dvanhise@juno.com 

Depending on my schedule, I generally get to everyone within 2-3 days after receipt of payment and - most important - your questions.
Don't forget your questions!



Do you have a presence on social media?

Yes, definitely! We have a page on Facebook that will describe the services we offer. And we also sponsor an interactive group. Look us up at:

Empowering Readings by Della Van  Hise (our Facebook page)

Empowering Readings (our  interactive group.)

What methods do you use?

I work with silent knowing - intuitive insights accessed through a meditative state. My personal guide is Orlando, whom I've written about in all of my Quantum Shaman books.

I also use Tarot, palmistry and psychometry, as well as remote viewing - on request for specific needs.

How are your readings delivered to me?

While I prefer to work through email, I can also do most readings on Facebook chat or Messenger. My preference for email is because silent knowing requires a meditative state. I make extensive notes and transcribe them to email - giving you what I consider to be a more thorough and comprehensive reading, and also something you can print out and refer to at any time. But for those who prefer the immediate connection, chat IS now available as an option.

How long does it take to get a reading?

Once payment is made and I receive your questions, average wait time is anywhere from a few hours to 3 days, depending on my schedule.

What if I don't like my reading? Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. I do offer free mini-readings on my Facebook group, Empowering Readings, which should give everyone a preview of the kind of work I do. My paid readings are non-refundable. If you require clarification of something in your reading, email me or PM me, but please don't try to take advantage of that by basically asking more and more questions and expecting me to keep answering indefinitely. Be fair to me and I'll be fair to you. It's how the metaphysical world works.

What if you're wrong about something?

Psychic readings aren't an exact science. Few things are - including science itself. Keep in mind that the future is always in flux and can be changed by something you do or don't do. A reading can give you insights that enable you to avoid danger or encourage positive encounters.

Always be in touch with your own heart. Spiritual/psychic consultations are intended to empower you so you can choose the best possible future for yourself.

Can you do healing?

I don't claim to be able to heal anyone using mind powers - and be very wary of anyone who does. My readings are designed to provide you with information and awareness. My intent and goal in this regard is to assist in healing the spirit - with the hope that the body might then begin to heal as well. I do  have experience dealing with some alternative methods of healing such as herbs, vitamins and meditative therapies.

Why do some readings cost more than others?

Some require more time and energy on my part.


Ask up to 3 questions - any subject. Please send your questions to dvanhise@juno.com  You may also include a photo of yourself if you wish. This is an indepth reading, NOT a simple yes or no. All readings confidential, from the heart, and as detailed as humanly possible. Reading normally delivered by email, but Facebook chat or Messenger is available on request.



What if I told you that your "past lives" are happening right now, through the energy body which is your higher self? Imagine how that would empower you? Not only would you be able to see what you think of as "the past" but such knowledge will give you a much greater awareness with which to manifest the future you most desire. Reading normally delivered by email, but Facebook chat or Messenger is available on request.



How's your love life? Whether you're curious about someone you've met, concerned about your existing relationship, or still looking for your twin flame, this reading takes a look at all aspects of your romantic connections - not only those currently existing, but those yet to come. Love is the reason for all things. Reading normally delivered by email, but Facebook chat or Messenger is available on request.


An Energetic-Alignment

A service to help you revitalize and realign your energy body. Many have called this service "a lifting of the spirit," since the goal is to eliminate energy blockages and bring the body into better alignment & communication with the higher self. A vitally important service for anyone suffering from anxiety in any form.

How it works: Once payment is received, you will receive an email document describing the process in greater detail. We will set a mutually-agreed-upon time and I will follow-up with an email afterward, usually within 3 days, often faster. Due to the nature of this service, follow-ups are done by email to provide you with an in-depth analysis of what was observed and what actions were taken during the alignment.



I have extensive experience in dream-work, and can help you better understand what certain dreams are trying to tell you. What you dream is a reflection of the forces at work in your life. Doesn't it make sense to understand the signs? Reading normally delivered by email, but Facebook chat or Messenger is available on request.



This is a medium-reading to assist with closure in the aftermath of losing a loved one. Please include in your email a photo of the deceased (if possible), their age at the time of death, and any details you feel are important. With the help of my guide, Orlando, I will attempt to connect with your loved one and bring you any messages they might want to convey. Reading normally delivered by email, but Facebook chat or Messenger is available on request.




A message directly from your higher self. Some refer to this as channeling, but I think of it as simply aligning with spirit to better understand what our higher self wants and needs us to be doing. I learned to connect to my own higher self (Orlando) by working with silent knowing for a period of years, and it is through Orlando that I am able to connect to others who are seeking their own raising of consciousness. Reading normally delivered by email, but Facebook chat or Messenger is available on request.



3-Card Past-Present-Future Reading

Ask a specific question and I'll pull 3 cards which will give you a quick insight into the situation at hand. Photo of the card pull will also be included with the email or message.


Full Tarot Reading - Olde Celtic Layout

A traditional 10-card layout addressing multiple aspects of your situation. You will receive a photo of the layout along with my intuitive analysis of the cards and how they relate to your specific questions.


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All readings & services are 100% confidential. We do not collect, store or sell your information to anyone for any reason.  


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