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 Scrawls On the Walls of the Soul
 by Della Van Hise

Author of
Quantum Shaman: Diary of a Nagual Woman
and Quantum

"If you've ever felt like a stranger in a strange land, this book is your road map to survival in the spiritual wilderness!"
(Michael Grove, Independent Reviewer)



"It's not your neatly typed essays that interest me, but the scrawls on the walls of your soul."
(Orlando - 2005)

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It was May of 2000 when my higher self, who answers to the name of Orlando, threw me out of the quantum cosmic classroom and said, “I’ve taught you everything I can. Now it’s time to take that knowledge and slam it up against the walls of the real world. If it remains intact and survives the brutality to which it will be subjected, you will get a gold star next to your name and be allowed to proceed to the next level.” No mention was made of what this next level might be, or if, indeed, it truly existed. As always, Orlando was cryptic, yet at the same time brutally honest...


Go ahead – try to explain this all-consuming path to your friends and relatives. They will smile politely, squirm uncomfortably, and eventually they will stop returning your phone calls and look the other way when they see you coming. And who can blame them? They live in the real world with their office jobs and nuclear families and a host of mindless sitcoms waiting to be watched on the propaganda box at the end of their busy day. In direct contrast, it could be observed that anyone who has dedicated themselves to the pursuit of forbidden knowledge really doesn’t live in that world at all. Not for lack of wanting, perhaps, but because the real world is quickly seen to be little more than a series of programs and illusions – not unlike The Matrix. To the seeker who diligently unravels the programs which have been put onto her since birth, the “real world” becomes less and less real, but instead a tangled web of false belief systems and erroneous conclusions. And not surprisingly, the people who populate that world may begin to take on a peculiar zombie-like quality – actors on a hidden stage which is built and reinforced with every thought, motion and action.


You find yourself alone in a world of jesters, jokers and jackasses.  Now what?


(Excerpt from the introduction)



Another 5-Star Review!

Scrawls on the Walls of the Soul dovetails seamlessly with Ms. Van Hise's first book, Quantum Shaman: Diary of a Nagual Woman.  The content in this volume is somewhat darker, a little bit lighter, often funny, sometimes sad, always eye-opening.  And the warning to the reader which is given in the first few pages is well-deserved. "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention." I must admit that when I first read the entry entitled "Amazing Grace," I felt my ire rising and my tolerance bone being bent to the point of breaking. I was incensed! How dare anyone refer to God as the sky tyrant! How dare anyone suggest that a firm belief in God is tantamount to Neanderthal reasoning. Yes, I was indeed outraged!

It took me a minute to realize that was the author's intent - getting the reader to look at all the beliefs we carry with us that hold us prisoners to our self-imposed limitations. In Scrawls, we journey with the writer as she looks at her own beliefs and programs in what is a poignantly open and honest revelation of herself, both in her journey through the world, and in her creation of and search for the essence of the Other.

It isn't necessary to have read Ms. Van Hise's first book in order to get the full value from this one. Each work stands on its own as an inspirational work of heart and spirit. I particularly enjoyed some of the one-liner 'scrawls' throughout this volume - in particular,

The only way to kill an immortal
is to make him believe he is mortal.


Made me think outside the box. That alone earns this book 5 stars.

-Michael Grove (Independent Online Reviews)


Scrawls on the Walls of the Soul is an in-depth exploration of  the process of assimilation - putting together the pieces of the puzzle, extracting the authentic self from the programs, overthrowing the belief systems and false personalities which every human being must unravel if they are ever to evolve beyond the lowest common denominator of the human condition.

Some of these words fell onto the pages of my journal. Others were written to friends and apprentices around the world. Still others came from dialogs on my online forums.   Some of it may amuse you. Some of it may shock you. But as the old cliché goes: 


If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.


Rants  *  Observations  *  Poetic Scrawls  * 


When someone asks who you are, they generally want to know your name, whether you’re married or single, and if you might sleep with them. Or maybe they’re just being polite and really don’t give a damn. Most likely that’s the case. But let’s assume for a moment that you want to answer the question – “Who am I?”


Where do you look for answers?


The obvious answer is too obvious: Look inside yourself, young Grasshopper.


And yet... how do you look inside yourself if you don’t know who you are?


Ain’t that annoying?



The universe seemed to have a secret. It hummed quietly to itself, and threw falling stars the way a flower girl tosses rose petals in the path of the bride. And yet, there was a melancholy, too, for what I was seeing was a dark wedding between the mortal self and the eternal Other - and though that is obviously the goal of the sorcerer/seeker, there is nonetheless a sadness in recognizing that this organic form is finite, gathered up out of the dust, and to the dust destined to return.


"Why? Why is it like this, when it could be like that instead? Why do we travel the universe in these fragile human bodies when we could just as easily be made of photons of light or subatomic particles of dark matter? Why is it the ultimate irony that life is so beautiful, when it is seemingly destined by our organic nature to end in death?"


Water gurgling in the little pond-fountain sputtered, caught in a toss of wind.


"This is the path of the Spirit," the voice of gnosis tells me, with an utter sense of peace and acceptance. "Only after the butterfly spreads its wings does it realize that the whole point of the journey is learning to fly."


So I go on, learning to fly, feeling at times all too heavy. My wings are made of starsilk and winter-wind, candle breath and moon veins...


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