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Becoming an Apprentice to the Infinite means becoming an apprentice to yourself, accepting responsibility for your own infinite evolution. One-on-one instruction * desert excursions * telephone consultations * Gnosis * assemblage point shifts * Gnosis *

Shifting the Assemblage Point, Healing the Spirit
Experience an energy shift to heal mind/body/spirit.  A profoundly unique service to help you manifest renewed Wellness through a realignment of the assemblage point. Lose addictions, overcome fear, experience Silent Knowing. All healing begins with mind/spirit.

Quantum Shaman Workshops
A series of evolutionary workshops designed for the solitary warrior. Work at your own pace in your own space. *Creating the Double * Stopping the Internal Dialogue * Dreaming with Intent * The Art of Gnosis *

Diary of a Nagual Woman
by Della Van Hise - site author of Quantum Shaman.com.  Read my book!  Signed first edition now available.



"What I learned from Della changed my life. I had been trapped in belief systems and programs since I was a little girl.  Learning to see past those illusions taught me to see myself more clearly & gave me the confidence & personal power I had always been lacking before."
(Lacy Bannister)

"Before I met Della, I used to think my psychic gifts were evil or from the dark side, and so I was trying to deny that part of myself so much that I often thought I was going crazy.  But Della helped me to see that these abilities are truly a blessing, a natural and wonderful part of my own spiritual evolution." 
(Bill Hawthorne)

"I'm so jazzed about being turned on to the Toltec teachings! It's like being awake for the first time! Being with Della & Orlando and having my energy shifted was like coming from the dark into the light. Incredible!"
(Erin Atkinson)

"What Della & Orlando taught me about Dreaming, and becoming Whole is indescribable, and truly priceless.  I'm convinced it saved my sanity.  I wish I had done this 5 years sooner!"
(Bill Gonzalez)

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What are we?

What most people do not realize is that even our physical bodies are made of energy.  At the molecular level, we are swirling atoms - the same building blocks of which the stars and the planets are comprised - and so it is important to remember that we are as infinite and eternal as the universe itself.  Our energy has always been here and always will be - and it is when that energy is in motion that we are at our prime state of well-being.  By contrast, it is when our energy becomes stagnant that we begin to experience various states of unwellness.

The reason it is important to realize our true nature is because it is through the manipulation of energy that we may come into a greater alignment with our own sense of higher purpose and spiritual well-being. By beginning to see ourselves as beings of light, we lay the groundwork for the process of becoming beings of light.  As Orlando once said in a riddle that took years to unravel:  "You have to be immortal before you will know how to become immortal." 

It was not physical immortality to which the riddle was speaking, but to the eternal nature of our awareness.  In short, we have to be in alignment with our energetic nature before we can begin to manifest our greatest potential - both in our everyday lives, and in our spiritual evolution.

The largest problem we face is remembering who we are.

When we fail to remember our connection to our infinite nature, dis-ease overtakes our well-being.


Seeing Energy, Cleaning the Lens of Perception

It has been observed by shamans & healers of various traditions that the manner in which we assemble our world determines the ease or difficulty of our journey.  When our "assemblage point" is out of alignment due to any number of potential reasons, the result is that our path becomes increasingly difficult, and the ability to move forward in our ordinary lives or on our spiritual journey may be seriously hampered if not altogether impeded.

It could be said that the assemblage point is the lens through which we experience Life.  When that lens is askew, nothing will appear in its normal light or its normal focus.

An energy shift is actually a forced movement of the assemblage point, and may be accomplished by a qualified seer who perceives energy directly - for the purpose of bringing the Whole Self back into a proper energetic alignment.


Why does dis-ease exist?

The word itself means, simply, "disruption of ease," and it is a state of being that may exist on any or all levels:  physical, mental, spiritual.  When one of our systems is not functioning properly, the result is potential dis-ease in all our systems.  And, of course, this takes us back to the realization that we are made of energy.  We are beings of Spirit, and when our spirit is out of balance, all that we are tends to be out of balance as well.  And so it stands to reason that when we can heal the Spirit, the imbalances in the rest of our systems experience healing simultaneously and automatically.

But first it is important to understand why dis-ease exists in the first place.  Why are we not simply well-beings?

By nature, we are.  And yet, through the course of living, it is inevitable that we experience injuries and traumas of one sort or another - and it is the cumulative effect of these traumas that results in dis-ease of all varieties, whether physical, mental or spiritual.  The reason for this is that the traumas we experience - everything from major life-altering events such as the loss of a loved one, to more minor traumas such as not getting a promotion we were hoping for at work  - result in an actual slowing of our energy bodies, and that slowing may be defined as a "heaviness" which has the effect of dragging us down.

Just as the physical body can experience damage to its immune system, so it is with our energy body.  As the various traumas of our lives accumulate without adequate healing, we begin to experience depression, anger, and what amounts to a debilitation of the spirit.  At times, we may not even be consciously aware of these symptoms.  Often, it is only when we begin to realize we are unhappy or dissatisfied or simply adrift emotionally that something is out of balance at a deeper level.

One thing is certain:  we have witnessed a virtual pandemic of depression and hopelessness in recent years - and it isn't because the traumas in our lives are any more or less than any other generation has faced.  It is simply that the culture in which we live has programmed us in such a way that most of us have lost our own ability to heal ourselves at the molecular level of energy.  Put another way - we have lost touch with our individual and very powerful connection to Spirit.


What is Spirit?

Simply this:  the living force within each and every living thing.  And it is at the level of Spirit that all healing occurs - for it can be observed through quantum mechanics that we are energy. To heal our energy bodies is to heal ourselves at the very level of our component parts.


How does an energy shift work?

As a result of the various traumas and injuries we suffer over the course of a long period of time, our energy becomes stagnant, literally depressed (heavy) - like trying to walk on a planet whose gravity is stronger than that to which we are accustomed here on Earth.  The long-term effect is that the process becomes cumulative - not only does our energy move slower and slower, but it begins to attach that heaviness to our other mind/body/spirit systems.  We find ourselves caught in a downward spiral that may result in constant feelings of tiredness, weakness, or a general sense of unwellness that cannot really be described.  Some may experience it as lethargy, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritability, depression, anxiety, disassoiation, or simply a pervading sense of being out of step with the world.  In other cases, symptoms of an out-of-balance energy body may become more severe if not treated, and result in a variety of physical ailments as well - from an increase in colds or flu, to more life-threatening manifestations.


The Good News

For  those who see energy at a direct level, it is possible to actually facilitate a shift or movement of someone else's energy at the molecular level.  This is a process which has the effect of jump-starting your energy to give it a helping hand back in the direction of wellness.  Sometimes the results are immediate and a person may need only one such shift to facilitate that inner remembering of our infinite nature.  Once the energy starts to move forward again, that becomes its natural course, its natural state of being, and it has a tendency to continue onward in a positive direction just by force of momentum.  Other times, it may take several energy shifts by a qualified seer, done over the course of a few months or up to a year.   Largely, it depends on the degree to which one's energy has stagnated and turned into a "heavy body".

Once you've had your energy shifted back into a state of positive motion, the natural tendency is for healing to begin to occur on all levels of mind/body/spirit.  In many traditions of shamanism, it is recognized that all dis-ease begins in the energy body - and that by realigning that energy to its natural "spin" within the infinite universe, healing may be experienced on all levels of our existence:  mind, body, spirit.

Energy shifts are available through Quantum Shaman - and may be performed directly by Della or one of her personally trained facilitators.   While a general energy shift is always helpful to anyone on a spiritual path - a form of mind/body/spirit maintenance - we are pleased to offer more specialized energy shifts for specific situations and conditions.  Just as an apple and an orange may seem somewhat alike on the surface, at the level of their energetic vibration, they are very different.  So it is with the various mis-alignments of our energy bodies.  An energy body that is out of balance due to migraines, for example, is going to require a different type of energy shift than an energy body that is out of balance due to some form of addiction such as alcoholism, smoking or drugs. 

For that reason, we have found that a variety of different shifts of the energetic field may provide better results over a longer period of time.  Since every ailment or disruption is centered on a different area of the energy body, a qualified seer may make energetic adjustments to those various energetic fields individually so that all fields come into alignment for a more integrated sense of well-being.


Energy shifts may be performed in person or through the portal of the Dreaming Body, so even if we are not able to meet in person, I can still assist you with a shift through Dreaming.
Email for Details


 General Energy Shift
A general increase in overall energy of mind/body/spirit.  Recommended for anyone on a spiritual path as a matter of energetic maintenance and recovery from the broad range of life's traumas.

General Energy Shift: $125.

Healing the Spirit

Strongly recommended for anyone who has experienced recent spiritual trauma.  From the loss of a loved one to the general disappointments & setbacks we may experience in the course of living, it is the trauma to our spirit that most damages our ability to move forward in life and on our personal path.

Spirit Healing Energy Shift: $125.

Healing the Body

While it is not possible to promise a complete restoration of health, one thing we can offer is to help you bring your body into a greater sense of energetic integration by working directly with the source of physical ailments.  Whether ailments are the result of biological dis-ease or trauma to mind/body/spirit, one thing is certain:  as the energy body shifts toward well-beingl, the state known as Healing begins to occur on all levels.

Healing the Body Shift: $125.

Overcoming Fear

One of our greatest obstacles in life is fear itself, for it is a debilitating, potentially life-threatening position of the assemblage point which may result in a variety of ailments from anxiety to cancer.  Many times, eliminating the fear in our lives eliminates the stress which has the potential to destroy us.  As we heal the spirit (the seat of all dis-ease), the body may then begin to experience healing as well.  This shift is designed to move the assemblage point away from fear, and into Clarity, thereby enabling a greater sense of well-being overall.

Overcoming Fear, Opening Clarity $125.

 Releasing Addictions

Whether it is an addiction to smoking, alcohol, television, pornography, gambling or something seemingly as harmless as work or even video games, one of the greatest challenges humans  face has to do with letting go of the addictions which keep us from achieving our highest potential.  An addiction is observed by seers as a stagnant fixation of the assemblage point which may be alleviated by shifting the energy away from that focus and into a more moving and unencumbered position.  Many times, relief will be experienced on the first shift, though it is normal to anticipate three to five shifts over the course of several months, depending on the severity of the addiction.

Releasing Addiction Shift: $125.

Opening the Door to Gnosis

If you can only choose one energy shift, this would be our personal recommendation.  It is through gnosis (Silent Knowing) that we make contact with our higher self - the shaman's double, the evolved Whole Self in eternity.  The quantum comedy of it all is that our greatest teacher is always the Higher Self, but before that teaching can begin, the Self in the Now must accept responsibility for creating and nurturing the conduit through which the teaching actually occurs.  This shift opens a temporary window of opportunity during which the Seeker may experience their own higher potential as a reality - thereby creating the motivation to continue the creative process on her own. One seeker recently described this shift as "the defining moment that changed my life."  Make contact!

Opening to Gnosis: $125.


Each energy shift is $125. 

After payment is received, you will receive a detailed email instructing you in how to prepare for your shift, what to expect before, during and after. 

Other energy shifts are available upon request.  If you have a specific need, please E-mail us to determine if we can help.

To schedule an energy shift
Contact Quantum Shaman


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Quantum Shaman Workshops
Work at your own pace in your own space. Evolutionary workshops for the solitary warrior!

~Creating the Double ~ Stopping the Internal Dialogue ~ Dreaming with Intent ~ The Art of Gnosis (Silent Knowing) ~ Undoing our Programs


Shifting the Assemblage Point, Healing the Spirit
All wellness begins with how we assemble our world.

 Lose addictions, overcome fear, experience Silent Knowing, abolish dis-ease.


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