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Question to Orlando:
What is the warrior's path?


Of all the questions I am ever asked from the beginning of time until the end of infinite eternity (which is, of course, the return loop to the beginning of time), this is perhaps the hardest, for the answer can only be expressed in words when what is Intended is an expression of the soul. And so I would begin by saying, as don Juan has, that the warrior's path is the path of the heart, and if it could be defined, it is a path that is neither Toltec nor Buddhist nor Christian nor even a path at all, and only may be seen as a path in hindsight, when one stands on the far side of the bridge and looks back to see how the bridge was built.

Some would say it is the road to ultimate freedom, but as you expressed in your question (where all answers are found), it is neither possible nor perhaps desirable to attempt to define what is meant by "ultimate freedom" within the matrix of each individual. For myself and for Della, "ultimate freedom" may be defined at this moment as the assimilation of our cohesion into a state which has been expressed as "a singularity of consciousness" - a point of awareness which is singular, but also infinite and ubiquitous. From such a state, The One may focus awareness at any finite point within the realm of all possibility, or may not-focus within the whole on all points, simultaneously. Intent would determine; and will would manifest.

And yet, I say this is how we may define "ultimate freedom" at this moment - allowing for the inevitability that as Knowledge and experience increase, definitions change and eventually become the silence of Knowing itself.

The warrior's path is a dance with no specific steps, enacted between the mortal self and the immortal double. While one might learn certain steps through reading or instruction, the dance itself cannot be taught, for it is your dance, and if it does not come from your heart, it is someone else's dance. To some, therefore, the warrior's path is a waltz and a gentle entwining of self and double. To others, it is a seductive tango, fraught with dark turns and hot passions which weave the dancers through intrigues and eventually bring them together in a fierce embrace. To others, it is a chaotic, frenzied stomp through the jungles and may appear violent or even conflicted on the surface, but when viewed from the far side of the bridge, may be seen to be simply the steps of that warrior's dance enacted from that warrior's heart.

Some dances are more efficient than others, telling a cohesive story; and not all dances end with the dancers coming together in the final steps, and so it becomes a matter of choosing the steps wisely and falling in love with both dancers, allowing each a freedom of movement and expression which may be seen in hindsight to be guided by impeccability, intent and the moving force of Will, unrestricted.

Because the steps cannot be taught, they must be experienced by each warrior in his own manner. There are those who might follow certain steps outlined by other warriors or naguals, and while that may be effective in the early stages for learning to dismantle the programs, dependencies and attachments a warrior has, it is in learning the art of improvisation within the dance that the warrior begins to leave all paths and create his own steps which are uniquely effective for himself. And while that may seem like chaos, it isn't for as long as impeccability guides the warrior's movements through what can only be expressed as "the right way to live."

Throw all these words away.

Remember only this: To fall in love with the infinite is the warrior's path, for it is that intense affair with the nagual that will guide a warrior far more efficiently than any words ever whispered into the night. When you follow the muse of your own heart, you create the steps of the dance in the process, and whenever the muse allows you to catch glimpses of her, you will find yourself gazing into your own infinite eyes.

That is the shaman's quantum trick.

Orlando - May, 2005

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