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Who is
The Quantum Shaman

"What is Quantum Shamanism?
Simply this... through an understanding of quantum energy,
we empower ourselves to awaken our shamanic abilities."
- Orlando, 2006


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Entirely through our own efforts we can embrace immortality, a continuity of consciousness into eternity. The only requirements are Will, Intent, and an unwavering commitment to the Self. 

It is the journey that will last a lifetime…

and beyond.



 "Shaman" is a word with many meanings.  A shaman is a seeker of Knowledge who works in alignment with Spirit – not only the knowledge of what we think of as "the real world" but the deeper knowledge traditionally associated with other dimensional planes, and the realm of the Immortal – or, more accurately, the realm of the eternal being.  Shamans are found in all cultures, and though the purpose of this site is not to serve as a history of shamanism, it is widely believed that the first shamans came from Siberia, and that the word itself translates loosely to “self-healed madman.”  That healing is the process of gathering one’s personal cohesion, and evolving toward Wholeness within the infinite.


The word "Spirit" as it is used here is not intended to convey any extant deity, but instead the always-moving, sentient universe which George Lucas undoubtedly intended when he wrote of "the force" in his Star Wars saga.


However we label it or attempt to categorize it, there are systems of knowledge which may be gleaned directly from the universe itself through a process called gnosis.  Inside all of us is the code, the spirit, if you will, which some mystics have called "the right way to live."  I'm not speaking of morality within our human society, for much of what we think of as right and wrong are only agreements within the consensual continuum – and therefore subject to change depending on our culture of the time period in which we live.


For example, here in the western world, we have been taught that monogamy is right and polygamy is wrong – and yet that is only a cultural agreement, with which many other cultures on this earth would strongly disagree.  Instead, the right way to live is an inherent, living force which permeates the universe, and communicates with shamans, sorcerers, magicians, warriors, and all seekers of Knowledge directly.  It is through that living force that we find our connection to the infinite.


Of course, learning the right way to live is only one small segment of a much larger system of Knowledge.  Don Juan, a Yaqui Indian serving as mentor to Carlos Castaneda, called this system of knowledge sorcery, though that is a word much misunderstood and much maligned.  Others have called it "applied gnosis."  Still others refer to it as "scrying the mind of the gods."  No matter what we call it, it is a natural part of our human ability, and though we have been programmed through traditional belief systems to think it doesn't exist, or indoctrinated with the dogma of religions to view this Knowledge as forbidden, the simple truth is that it is the very key to our personal survival beyond death, and it is accessible to any of us willing to make the long and difficult journey of self-Realized evolution.


This is the shaman's journey, for the shaman is someone who has seen the world for what it is, someone who has fallen into its traps and its illusions, only to finally – through will and Intent – heal herself of the madness by embracing and realizing the power of the Whole Self


To some, shamanism is a calling, a natural instinct.  To others, it is embraced by choice and may actually be learned on an intellectual level until such time as it permeates the Self and becomes an intrinsic way of life.  Shamanism does not belong exclusively to any culture, and it is not a religious practice in that it does not rely on faith or belief, but instead on direct personal experience and interaction with the realms of Spirit.


Now, with the arrival of quantum mechanics, we know we are not merely insignificant entities watching the universe go by.  We are literally part of it through our consciousness, our perceptions, and the very molecules of which we are made. We are co-creators of reality, yet only when we begin to understand the awesome power within ourselves will we be able to evolve beyond our primitive belief systems which enslave us to the dust even though we've had the stars at our fingertips all along. 


Within the very fabric of the universe itself – not only around us, but within us, down to a molecular level – there exists a non-local web of information which literally houses all the collective Knowledge of all that has ever been or ever will be.  It is that wellspring of information which has been traditionally tapped by mystics, seers and prophets, yet it is available to any of us who are willing to go out on a limb and peer down into the abyss to confront the simple truth that our lives and our entire existence are nothing like what we have been taught to believe.


The quantum shaman, then, is someone who seeks Knowledge from the Olde and the Knew, someone who seeks to Realize their full potential by obliterating the illusions and misconceptions of ordinary life in order to become aware of and empowered through the cohesion of the Whole Self.  This is the nature of spiritual evolution – where a single, continuing point-of-view is maintained into eternity.


The quantum shaman is within each of us.


Immortality itself is within our grasp.


*  *  *

The destruction of faith
is the beginning of evolution.

-Orlando (1996)

But every bit as important to remember is that this is not some easy new-age path.  In order to walk it, we must be willing to let go of our preconceived notions about Reality, the Self, the soul, and our very existence.  One thing I have had demonstrated repeatedly is that the very best teachers do not pull punches, do not attempt to soften the blow of Truth, and never back away from the Intent of evolution itself. 

You might not like everything you encounter here, because no attempts are made to water it down or serve it on a soft bed of petals.

 Some of it might outrage you.

Every word of it is True.


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