Quantum Shaman Workshops
A series of evolutionary workshops designed for the solitary warrior. Work at your own pace in your own space. *Creating the Double * Stopping the Internal Dialogue * Dreaming with Intent * The Art of Silent Knowing *

 Apprentice to the Infinite
When you Apprentice to the Infinite, you are not an apprentice to me, but to yourself.  This is the path of heart, where the warrior accepts responsibility for his or her own evolution into the Infinite.

Shifting the Assemblage Point, Healing the Spirit
Experience an energy shift to heal mind/body/spirit.  A profoundly unique service to help you manifest renewed Wellness through a realignment of the assemblage point. Lose addictions, overcome fear, experience Silent Knowing. All healing begins with mind/spirit.

Diary of a Nagual Woman
by Della Van Hise - site author of Quantum Shaman.com.  Read my book!  Signed first edition now available.

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Into the Infinite

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Questions Along the Way
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"What I learned from Della changed my life. I had been trapped in belief systems and programs since I was a little girl.  Learning to see past those illusions taught me to see myself more clearly & gave me the confidence & personal power I had always been lacking before."
(Lacy Bannister)

"The workshop on stopping the internal dialogue shocked me! All my life I'd felt like I couldn't get the noise out of my head.  After doing the exercises in the workshop, my focus is tremendous and I have been getting a lot closer to my own higher awareness as a result.  Thank you!"
(A. L. Mancuso)

"Before I met Della, I used to think my psychic gifts were evil or from the dark side, and so I was trying to deny that part of myself so much that I often thought I was going crazy.  But Della helped me to see that these abilities are truly a blessing, a natural and wonderful part of my own spiritual evolution." 
(Bill Hawthorne)

"What Della & Orlando taught me about Dreaming, and becoming Whole is indescribable, and truly priceless.  I'm convinced it saved my sanity.  I wish I had done this 5 years sooner!"
(Bill Gonzalez)

A Journey
Into the Infinite

Make Contact
With Your Higher Self

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Evolutionary Workshops
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Quantum Shaman:
Diary of a Nagual Woman

Book 1 in the Quantum Shaman Series
Scrawls on the Walls of the Soul
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Questions Along the Way
Book 3 in the Quantum Shaman Series
The New Book by Site Author
Della Van Hise
Into the Infinite
(Opening the Door To the Unknown)
Book 4 in the Quantum Shaman Series
by Della Van Hise

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Order All Four Workshops for just $85.00
Hurry!  Offer ends soon!

All Four Quantum Shaman Workshops - $85.


All Quantum Shaman workshops are designed for the individual practitioner - giving you the freedom to work at your own pace in your own space.  No group participation is required.

These workshops are designed to challenge you at the deepest level of your existing belief systems - bringing you in contact with your higher self.   Every workshop will have an indicator as to beginning, intermediate or advanced, though beginners may benefit from advanced workshops and vice versa.  There is always more to learn, no matter where we are on our path.

Over time, many more workshops will be added, and we are also interested in your suggestions & requests.  If you have other questions, please take a look at our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.


"What is Quantum Shamanism?
Simply this... through an understanding of quantum energy,
we empower ourselves to awaken our shamanic abilities."
- Orlando, 2006

The Art of Silent Knowing

Price reduced!  Now only $25!

 A Quantum Shaman Workshop
Intermediate to Advanced

Gnosis is the art of hearing the flame
Seeing the voice of the crow
Listening to the silent wisdom
of the sentient Infinite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Establishing a permanent link to the state of silent knowing (gnosis) is perhaps the greatest thing a warrior can accomplish, for it is through that link that the warrior finds herself having a one-on-one conversation with the Infinite.  Call it god or goddess, call it the double or the higher self... however you see it, it is through silent knowing that you truly gain the power to Enlighten yourself in ways no earthly teacher ever could. 

What is silent knowing?  Simply put, it is learning to ask questions of that vast sentience which is the universe, the All, and simply the Self.  If we are wise, we learn how to listen to the answers which come back to us.  That is the art of silent knowing, the garden of gnosis.

A sneak preview of one of the many exercises
for exploring the art of silent knowing.

This initial exercise is fundamental and absolutely simple.  It can even be fun.  But be warned:  as you begin to dismantle what you believe, you will come face to face with the realization that actual knowledge is only available through direct personal experience.  Do you believe Borneo exists?  Probably you do, but can you say with certainty based solely on your personal experience?  What about elves?  Do you believe in elves?  Probably not.  But can you be sure elves don’t exist?  Do you believe, as most humans do, that all things die?  Probably you do.  But can you allow for the possibility that there are things you simply do not and perhaps cannot know?  Is it not possible that immortals walk among us and pass for human, but because we are conditioned to believe that isn’t true, we live our lives as if what we believe is Absolute Truth?  And if we already believe something isn’t real, do we have any motivation to explore beyond the limitations of the belief itself?   

For as long as man accepted that the earth was flat, the earth was flat, at least to the perceptions of those who believed it. For as long as it was generally believed that man cannot fly, man didn’t fly. 

And yet… everything begins with a thought.  Everything begins with questioning those common beliefs until the warrior, like the Wright brothers, begins to create his own reality and expand his awareness beyond the confines of the existing consensus.


You will receive a 30 page e-book workbook through email.  Snail mail is available for an additional $10.   Participants are also encouraged to join us at The Quantum Shaman Discussion Group on Facebook for any questions or discussions.

Price Reduced!  Now just $25!

Email or Hard Copy?
Enlighten Yourself: The Art of Silent Knowing


A Quantum Shaman Workshop
Beginning to Advanced

Frequently Asked Questions

A powerhouse workshop for anyone who is tired of listening to all those grocery lists and snide remarks and whining commentary that runs along in the back of the mind like a broken record.  Stopping the internal dialogue isn't difficult once we learn how to do it - and that's what this workshop is all about. 

"Why do I need to stop the internal dialogue?"  Because for as long as it is not silenced, at least in temporary reprieves, it is impossible to hear the voice of the higher self, the call of the spirit, the higher truths that are with us at all times.  Learning to stop the internal dialogue also enables the warrior to get one step closer to permanent gnosis - the place of silent Knowing, where the entire library of Infinite Knowledge is at our disposal.

You will receive a 21 page ebook workbook through email; or snail mail is available for an additional $10.   Participants are also encouraged to join us on Facebook for any questions or discussions.

$25. Stopping the Internal Dialogue Workshop - Email

$35. Stopping the Internal Dialogue Workshop -  Hard-copy printed version, Priority Mail

A sneak peek at just one of many exercises that begin with recognizing the internal dialogue and proceed through the process of learning to silence it at will.

Set aside fifteen minutes for this first exercise, and just sit down with yourself in a place of minimal distractions. You aren’t attempting to actively do anything here, except listen. Bring a pad of paper & pen with you to the exercise. As you sit in silence – perhaps looking out a window or just relaxing at your breakfast table in the morning – begin to have an awareness of what your internal dialogue is doing. What is it talking about? Is it only making lists of what you are observing (“hot coffee”, “tree bending in wind”, “spot on tablecloth”), or is it more concerned with what you have to do today? What you’re looking for here is a clue to where your personal fears and concerns actually reside with regard to the inventories being kept by the internal dialogue. Does your ID calculate bills or worry about being late to work? Or is it primarily making observations about your current state of affairs? In the long run, having a better idea of what your internal dialogue is doing will give you a better awareness for when the time comes to actually begin stopping it.

Without judgment or frustration, simply observe the machinations of the ID for the first 10 minutes. By that time, you will usually discover that there are patterns to the internal dialogue. Because it is a beast of habit, it will often repeat the same things over and over. As you begin to observe oft-repeated observations or phrases, jot them down on your paper, but for the time being, don’t focus on them. Remember – the purpose of this exercise is just to learn how to observe...

"How can you hear the voice of your higher self
if you are always talking to yourself?"  (Orlando)

A Quantum Shaman Workshop
Intermediate to Advanced

This is a power-packed exploration of what it really means to create the double.  Nitty-gritty how-to, including lots of exercises to motivate and validate your efforts.  For warriors who are ready to turn and face themselves in the mirror of the Infinite, there is no better starting point than right here, and there is no one on Earth more qualified to present this workshop than Della, whose interactions with her own double, Orlando, have led her to fulfill her destiny as a nagual woman and teacher.

While this workshop is designed for intermediate to advanced warriors, diligent & determined newbies can also benefit.  You will receive a 28 page ebook workbook through email; or snail mail is available for an additional $10.  Participants are also encouraged to join us on Facebook for any questions or discussions.

Choose the option that works best for you:
Email or Snail-Mail. 

$25.Creating the Double Workshop - Email
$35.Creating the Double Workshop - Hard copy printed version, Priority Mail

A sneak preview of just one of many exercises designed to bring you into direct contact with your higher self.

"You are the source of the higher self."

Set aside 30 minutes minimum for this phase of the exercise. Look at the sentence directly above – “You are the source of the higher self” – and note any reactions you may have in response. Do you agree or disagree? If you disagree, upon what do you base your disagreement? Simply look at the statement for what it is and pay close attention to your reactions. For at least 30 minutes, consider any belief systems you may have which crop up as a result.

The purpose of this exercise is to identify any lingering programs that may be standing in the way of your own evolution. Many times in working with warriors even at advanced levels, I have discovered that there are strong programs in effect which may try to convince us that this mortal lifetime is nothing more than a virtual reality program running for our amusement. I’ve had good warriors try to argue that we are all already perfect, or that no matter what we do, the spirit walks away unscathed at the end.

If you find yourself operating under any such belief system, or if you experienced any sense of anger or otherwise strong disagreement to the statement, ask yourself one question: "What if I am wrong?"


Opening the mind begins with opening the heart.


A Quantum Shaman Workshop
Beginning to Advanced

Frequently Asked Questions

An intensive workshop for seekers at all levels - the secret key to achieving prosperity, worldly success, spiritual advancement, and most of all unconditional love.

This workshop gives you the tools for getting rid of the programs and belief systems that keep you from achieving your greatest success in this world, and may actually be preventing you from embracing your highest potential in the realm of Spirit as well.  If you are feeling frustrated with your progress in life or on your path, chances are you are battling internal programs of which you may not even be aware!

What are programs?  They are ideas in which we have placed belief to such a degree that we live our lives as if the program is real, when it may only be a belief system put onto us for so long that we can no longer see where the programs end and the Whole Self begins.

"As long as a man truly believes he is powerless, he has no reason or motivation to seek the source of his own power."  (Orlando)

This workshop offers you the tools of clarity and increased awareness on all levels - from your own thoughts and ideas, to the larger programs running the world in which we live.  Those who have taken this workshop in the past have said that it taught them how to get out of their own way so that the power of their Intent could finally begin to manifest.

Don't miss this life-altering opportunity!

You will receive a 33 page ebook workbook through email; or snail mail is available for an additional $10.  Participants are also encouraged to join us on Facebook for any questions or discussions.

$25. Undoing the Programs WORKSHOP - Email

$35. Undoing the Programs WORKSHOP - Hard-copy Printed Version, Priority Mail

Shifting the assemblage point of our programs

As you go through your day observing one of your programs, begin asking yourself how you would live or behave or simply be different if you did not believe, for example, that “what goes around comes around.” What if you did not believe in karma or reincarnation? What if you did not believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman? How would it affect you personally? How would your life be different if you let go of just one of your belief systems?

The purpose of asking these questions is that the questions themselves are actually the groundwork of the new foundation which begins replacing the old programs as the warrior begins actively participating in her own evolution. Without asking those questions, without testing the waters of a new paradigm, we exist almost wholly within the programs which run in the background, usually by default. We believe something because we perceive that we have always believed it, and often we even accept it as Truth when there is little or no evidence to support it whatsoever.


What we believe about reality
has nothing to do with reality itself.

Order All Four Workshops for just $85.00

All 4 Quantum Shaman Workshops - $85.

Hurry! Offer ends soon!



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1.  What do I receive?

Depending on the options you choose, you will receive an email workbook which is normally a word.doc that may be easily printed out on your personal PC or may be stored on your hard drive.  If you have any difficulty receiving the workbook as a download, it can be mailed to you through snail mail for an additional $10. printing, postage & handling fee.

2.  What do I stand to gain from a Quantum Shaman workshop?

First and foremost, you will gain from the workshop precisely what you bring to it.  If you are looking for easy answers or a quick-fix, you won't find it in a workshop anymore than you will find it in a fortune cookie.  What you will discover is that the Intent you bring to one of my workshops can and will be intensified as a direct result of your own efforts.  The workshops are designed to challenge you.  If you like challenges, you will not be disappointed.

3.  What about the discussion group on Facebook?

It's free and it's easy.


4.  What if I need more personalized help?

The discussion group will answer most of your questions.  If you want to engage Della in a one-on-one dialogue through email, please go to:  Personal Counseling.


5.  What if I am not satisfied with the workshop?

Workshops are non-refundable for many reasons.  Nothing personal, but too often in the past, people order workshops, copy them to their hard drive, and then want their money back - sorta like the old trick of buying a CD, burning a copy at home, & then returning it to the software store.  This is simply not impeccable behavior, and so we have had to adopt the policy of workshops being non-refundable.  You may rest assured that these workshops are the result of many years of experience, assimilation & Knowledge.  If you would like to know more about my work before purchasing a workshop, please read any page of my website.  If you have any questions about a specific workshop, please EMAIL ME prior to ordering.

6.  How are the workshops designed?

As an example, the Creating the Double workshop is 25 pages of a word.doc, containing a variety of tools for unlocking the warrior's awareness.  Some of the document is experiential text, with a heavy emphasis on exercises designed to lead the warrior into her own worlds of experience.  As a result of working directly with Orlando (my own double) for a period of over 13 years, I have learned to literally "imbed" text with Intent that goes far beyond what is on the page.  What is between the lines is as important as what is on them. 

7.  How can I work with you in a one-on-one apprenticeship?

If you live in the Southern California area and would like to schedule a private consultation, please email me for appointment schedule.

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Services & Workshops

Quantum Shaman Workshops
Work at your own pace in your own space. Evolutionary workshops for the solitary warrior!

~Creating the Double ~ Stopping the Internal Dialogue ~ Dreaming with Intent ~ The Art of Gnosis (Silent Knowing) ~ Undoing our Programs


Shifting the Assemblage Point, Healing the Spirit
All wellness begins with how we assemble our world.

 Lose addictions, overcome fear, experience Silent Knowing, abolish dis-ease.


The Infinite Journey
Where the Quantum Shaman Falls
Into the Rabbit Hole








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Work at your own pace
in your own space


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